3 Things You Need to Do Now

3 Things you Need to Do Now for your Spray Foam Business

Spray Foam is a continually growing business industry and as the industry grows, requirements change. It’s important to have a baseline of knowledge for your business, but if you’re not doing these three things it could mean trouble.

  1. Check OSHA requirements – for safety, application, and individual project requirements. OSHA makes frequent changes, but typically gives several months notice before changes are enforced. Some states have OSHA Approved State Plans, in addition to specific requirements for Isocyanates, which vary depending on the type of application and environmental use. Many publications, such as Spray Foam Magazine, share major OSHA updates, but it’s still up to you to ensure you are following the most recent guidelines.
  2. Maintain Equipment – we can’t say it enough and it starts to sound like a broken record, but maintenance is imperative to getting the full use of your investment. We have seen it all; proportioners that are decades old and work great, as well as brand new proportioners that you’d swear were thrown off a building. If you take care of your equipment and maintain daily logs, your equipment will take care of you.
  3. Ongoing Training – Don’t assume your employees retained every bit of information taught on the first day. Just as in school, study study study! There are plenty of online resources, such as CPI’s Chemical Health & Safety, our Online Foam School – and a host of others. Sometimes, your lead project manager needs to provide a refresher course to the team or even take a refresher course to better instruct the team. Our advice, don’t skimp on training!

What other things are you doing on a daily basis as a business necessity? Share with us on Facebook.

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