4 Simple Ways to Increase the Life of Your Spray Foam Gun

A spray foam gun is a valuable tool to apply polyurethane foam or SPF to a space that requires insulation. Being an application professional or an insulation contractor, you must inform yourself about how spray guns work. In essence, a spray gun dispenses spray foam transferred from the barrels that contain the two chemicals. It may not seem important at first but spray guns are crucial to delivering an effective spray coating. Therefore, you need to take proper care of it before, during, and after use.

1. Keep the screens clean and the material warm

This is an obvious step that every professional follows but if you are new to the job, then this tip is going to be of great help. You may think otherwise, but increasing the temperature of the material by just a few degrees and allocating some time to clean your gun from your spray foam and coatings systems will make a difference. By keeping your chemical at optimum temperatures and by cleaning the gun regularly, you are improving the life of your machine.

2. A box of parts

It is always wise to keep a stock of parts that you frequently use for your spray foam and coatings systems. You may obtain a Fix-It Box from your spray foam supplier, SprayWorks Equipment that includes the most common pieces that need regular replacement. There is nothing worse than a gun breaking down in the middle of a job and you running out on the streets looking for a store selling replacements or your job being shut down for the day until you can get the replacement parts sent overnight, which is very costly.

3. Lubrication

Lubrication of your gun and its parts is also an excellent way to enhance the life of your equipment. No device will ensure a steady and viable service unless you care for it. Lubricating the moving parts of a gun is an essential step in daily maintenance schedules. Lubricants extend the life of the components that, at times, can be very costly to replace. Greasing will keep the gun running smoothly for an extended period of time.

4. Polishing

After cleaning and lubricating your spray foam gun, you must polish the side seal as well as the chamber containing the chemical mixture. It is yet another way to extend the life of your gun. Take a piece of sandpaper and rub it on the machinery in the shape of the digit 8. It will remove any accumulation of built-up particles and following the eight digit shape prevents unevenness while sanding.

Increase life, increase profits

So, now you have some techniques up your sleeve which will help you in two ways simultaneously. The first is the proper ways of maintenance of your machinery and the second is the way to increase your business because you’ll never stop working because of an equipment breakdown. Follow these specifications and watch how your profits keep on maximizing.

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