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SprayWorks Conducts Spray Foam Testing on Behalf of Natural Polymers

SprayWorks Equipment recently worked with Natural Polymers to test spray foam materials from across the country. The application portion of the test was conducted at the SprayWorks Equipment facility in Kent, Ohio. After Owens Corning’s 2022 acquisition of Natural Polymers, an Illinois-based spray foam manufacturer, the company sought a location to carry out customer focused learnings.

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Barrel Blazer Improvements Allow SprayWorks to Prevent Price Increase Due to Material Costs

Barrel Blazer redesign

SprayWorks Equipment, a leading specialist in single and plural component equipment, training, rigs, and parts, has redesigned the Barrel Blazer – a 55-gallon drum heater for polyurethane and polyurea materials.

With recent price increases in materials, SprayWorks was looking for a way to keep prices down for the Barrel Blazer. Adding fabrication to in-house services allowed outsourcing costs to decrease. Additionally, material use has been significantly reduced resulting in decreasing total weight of the Barrel Blazer by nine pounds. With improved design and decreased material use, heat circulation also improved.

The Barrel Blazer is often used in conjunction with barrel blankets for optimal warmth.

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Dave Penta Celebrates 35 Years in Polyurethanes

Dave-Penta of sprayworksequipment

SprayWorks Equipment Group is proud to celebrate its VP of Sales, Dave Penta. Dave has worked alongside some of the most experienced spray foam and coatings applicators in the Polyurethane Industry. His experience includes; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems on innumerable substrates.

Dave started his career working on projects with his Grandfather, Wayland “Dave” Davidson and Uncle, Jim Davidson (Owner, SprayWorks Equipment). He has worked on some of the most historical buildings in the Akron/Canton area in addition to major projects all over the United States.

I’m proud to work alongside my nephew, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to our customers and is just as passionate about the industry as I am.

Jim Davidson, Owner, SprayWorks Equipment Group

SprayWorks Now Offers Full Service for Graco and PMC

Now servicing a full line of pump, proportioners, sprayers, paint machines & more

SprayWorks Equipment Group is expanding their service and support offerings. Previously, SprayWorks offered phone support and repairs for Graco and PMC; reactors, pumps, sprayers, and hoses – as well as IPM pumps and Gusmer proportioners. SprayWorks now expands their phone support and repairs to include; Graco and Titan paint sprayers with a fast turnaround.

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