Air Force Veteran, Jeremy Davidson, Joins SprayWorks

Celebrating Veterans Day by Highlighting Our Nation’s Heroes

United States Air Force Veteran, Jeremy DavidsonSprayWorks Equipment Group is proud to announce, Jeremy Davidson as the new Head of Production. Jeremy holds a multi-faceted role, working with the rig build team and handling the manufacturing of SprayWorks patented equipment. Additionally, he is leading efforts to integrate technology and software into daily functions to help enhance efficiency and speed.

November 11 is Veterans Day and SprayWorks is proud to honor our nation’s heroes. Jeremy joins the SprayWorks team from United States Air Force where he worked for 20 years in the Nuclear Weapons Enterprise, Sustainment of Standoff Weapons Systems and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. He also carries a B.A.S in Computer Science and an A.S. as an Electronics Technician. Jeremy brings a strong background in Production Management, Software Engineering, Data Analysis, Electronic Systems and Quality Assurance.

“I’m grateful to be back home after all these years and working with the SprayWorks team. I’m also excited to bring the new capability of striking heavily defended adversary targets with Standoff Weapons… should that be needed!”, Jeremy jokes. Jeremy is a son of the Owners, Jim and Debbie Davidson, and grew up in Northeast Ohio.

Owner Jim Davidson stated, “For 20 years Jeremy has been working with one of the finest organizations in the world and now he is bringing that knowledge, expertise and experience to us. While we don’t foresee a need to employ nuclear weapons, we do have a critical need for his understanding of production management and quality assurance.”

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