All You Need To Know About Spray Foam Kits

There are two types of spray foam kit insulation that is manufactured by RHH Systems Inc. These two are Versi-Foam® two-component polyurethane spray foam dispensing systems and Versi-Tite® single component polyurethane foam sealants. These two are portable and disposable in nature.

  • Versi-Foam is a ‘do it yourself’ spray foam kit that allows the user to gain control on how much spray foam is being dispensed by seeing how hard one pulls the trigger.
  • With a U-Control spray foam gun, a user can control the quantity of foam being dispensed at a rate of approx 6 pounds per min to a rate that one can write its name with it.
  • The Versi spray foam insulation is a perfect choice for insulation, sound dampening, caulking, condensation control, air sealing and void filling.
  • The Versi foam can be used in commercial as well as residential construction, for plant and machinery, HVAC equipment, roofing repair, insulation and marine flotation, pool and spa insulation, insulation used within trucks, film props and special effects, and a lot more. Its application can be widely used!
  • The energy performance of a first spray foam 15 Class I and 50 Class I have an R-value of 7 per inch.
  • Disposable Spray Foam Kits contain two chemical components namely Component A which is isocyanate and Component B which is polyol blend. This spray foam is a flame retarded foam formula, meeting requirements of ASTM E-84 Class I.

When it comes to Spray Foam Kits there are certain things to be kept in mind. You must always use the following:

  • Make use of chemical resistant safety goggles where the respirator does not cover the eyes.
  • Always ensure to use chemically resistant protective clothing so that there is no skin exposure to the chemicals.
  • Do not forget to get a pair of Nitrile gloves. These are included in all different sizes of the medium and large Size VERSI-FOAM Systems.
  • Choose a NIOSH approved respirator from either of the following options: half-mask respirators that come with organic vapor cartridges and certain filters like P100. Also, these respirators come require a fit test and therefore cartridges and filters must be changed in accordance with a regular schedule.
  • Another NIOSH approved respirator would be the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) that comes with an organic vapor cartridge.

Make sure you get the best Spray Foam Kit.

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