Proper Materials and Right Equipment for Perfect Insulation Projects

Insulation is based on use of different materials. When it is thermal insulation for any building, there are materials that are low in thermal conductivity and hence they are known as excellent insulation materials. These materials are fiberglass, wool, rock wool, and polystyrene and these insulate buildings, but not as greatly as spray foam insulation or Polyurethane. This is the main reason they are selected for insulation purpose, as they protect the building.

Spray foam insulation

Insulation of a home or building is based on the thermal conductivity of gases. The gas has low thermal conductivity as its property and this way any plural component or single component insulation will be a good insulation material. The materials should have absence of convection through which the cold or hot air may not enter the insulated building from the environment. The spray foam insulation is one such material that is good investment for a home owner. The spray foam helps in sealing all the cracks and leaks of the buildings so that the air does not enter the building. Thus it will keep the energy bills low as the owner will need less power for heating or cooling the interior of the home. There are different equipment like the Gusmer Reactors and the hose and spray gun with which you can give proper insulation for a building.

Insulation and better home

Some benefits of this spray foam insulation:

  1. Saves the home from extra heating or cooling throughout the year
  2. Less noise within the house
  3. Cold spots and cool drafts are reduced to a great extent.
  4. The house gets better value for better protection and resale typically increases.
  5. Structural integrity improves due to less cracks and nicks.
  6. Less bugs, allergens and dampness inside the house.
  7. Built-in air barrier and moisture guard.

These features are present when the proper equipment like the Gusmer Reactors and quality materials are used for insulation.

Types of materials for insulation

There are inorganic materials and organic materials. They are:

  • Fibrous materials – Glass wool and rock wool
  • Cellular materials – Calcium silicate and Cellular glass

The organic ones are derived from petrochemicals. There are some that come from feed stock that can be renewable. These materials are polymers and these are cellular too. There are plants that contain fibers and when these are used for insulation materials, they are fibrous.

  • Petrochemical materials (derived from oil or coal) – The materials are expanded polystyrene (EPS) OR Extruded polystyrene (XPS), Polyurethane (PUR) or Phenolic foam.
  • Renewable materials (derived from plants or animals) – Cellulose, cork, hemp fiber, Wood fiber, Flax wool, cotton insulation and sheep’s wool.
  • Some materials other than the above – Cellular glass, Vacuum Panels and aerogel.

Insulation for energy saving

The spray foam insulation has the highest rating among all the materials used for insulation. The other insulating materials may leave gaps in the walls but spray foam insulation reaches the area and then spreads, or cures, till it is dry. The result is that it covers the cracks and leaks with tight seals and hence the insulation will be complete. You will find your customers will not find any air movement through the insulated area and all the HAVC equipment will work better with less energy consumption. Resulting in helping customers save in energy cost at approximately 40% with proper insulation materials and the right kind of equipment.

Build Up Your Start Up With Insulation Service

There are different skills and varied equipment needed for insulation service at homes of your customers. You may have worked for such homeowners that have a good knowledge for such work. You know the skill and also know how to use equipment so that your work for insulation becomes successful. You may start finding the different requirements for starting such a business.

Basic ways and ideas for insulation

When you are going to start the insulation business, you should know what you need to do at different homes. The insulation process is intended to save energy by installing vapor barriers for any home. The upgrading of the barriers also would work for many cases where the insulation done previously didn’t work. People find the heating and cooling systems are taking up more power and so the bills are high. You can use the machines for insulating the home of your customers and make it safe and reduce a long term expense. You will have to use equipment like Graco Pumps and other various machines to properly start the business.

Some equipment and work capacity

The business will need some special equipment and most of the times the owner of the spray foam business owns the different equipment. You will need:

  • Rig or Box Truck – This is a vehicle that will help you to travel to your customer’s home. You will have to reach the location and then arrange the equipment for the work. There are materials and various supplies too and these are carried in the truck. The truck is also used to carry away any debris.
  • Equipment – You will need a step ladder, caulking gun, Graco Pumps, light weight squeeze guns, work light, blower tank and the long hose, utility knife, wall board hand saw, materials and other tools and equipment.
  • Protective masks and other gears – There are approved mask that will help against the dust, respirator and goggles for protecting the eyes. It is important to check with OSHA on what type of respirator you need, based on the area you are working you may need fresh air. You may need to keep hard hat or a clean cap, long sleeved shirts, spray suit, and work shoes.

Making the business profitable – The business is all about service. You will have to market your service ideas and then get customers through word of mouth and by marketing. These will cover the cost for starting the business, job offers for trained staff and expenses for providing the service of insulation. The more customers you can find – the more profitable your business will be for you. You can charge for labor, materials and supplies. You will also have to charge for the service that you provide and the professional way of completing the whole job.

Training for the staff will work – You will want to get the maximum profit from your business. You will need to be completely professional and deliver on your promises. For this step, you must get your staff a proper training. The insulation world is a different one and regular updating of information as well as Toolbox Talks, among all your staff and contractors, will give an extra momentum to your business. Your business will become more effective as you can place ads where you can mention about the well trained staff that you provide for this service. Your team will have to learn about the work and again about the proper maintenance of the equipment. This way the business will get matured and you will find more customers who would like to offer you contract for your service.

Spray Foam Insulation Can Be a Better Option

The traditional insulation system is not as popular as the spray foam system. The spray foam is more versatile and works for the roof, walls, floor and lofts too. This type of insulation uses liquid foam that is sprayed to the area that has cracks or leaks. The liquid material dries and sets in. Then the cracks or air leaks are filled and air passing becomes impossible. This system is costly than the traditional system but it will reduce your energy bills to a greater extent than done by the traditional system. Therefore – you save money when you work with this spray foam system, in the long run.

Find out what are the differences of the spray Spray Foam Insulation system from the traditional system.

Spray foam is modern system

  • This is being used for around the last 30 years and is very popular. This is effective insulation for stopping air leakage completely. The Spray Foam Insulation stops escaping of air like a wind breaker. When used on the leakage area, it stops hot or cold air from coming inside your house. The system uses two part liquid material for insulation purpose. The liquids are placed in separate chambers and then travel through a hose to a spray gun. There, the material combines and forms the foam. When the foam is applied, it expands within a few seconds and then fills the cracks and crevices.
  • The traditional system used mineral wool or glass wool. There were polystyrene slabs or polystyrene that was expanded for such insulation purpose. These materials operated like sweaters that have holes for air passage. It therefore did not seal the leakage properly and the energy bills did not see drastic improvement in overall cost.

Filling of gaps

  • The spray foam helps in proper filling of the gaps. The foams expand so that it fills every nooks and corners of the area where it has been sprayed. This causes proper sealing and thermal insulation.
  • Traditional systems of installation, like fiber glass and different types of cellulose, were hard to install in the gaps properly – causing them to become less popular over time. The area where the gaps were found were insulated but still had the gaps and small cracks for air passing through. This never helped the sealing process and the building remains a free way for air to pass through.

Water retention capacity

  • The spray foams are of 2 types and one allows water to pass even when the foams seal the air passage. This helps in any type of repair after the insulation is completed. The other type rejects water too and so it is completely sealed.
  • The traditional system never rejects water but retain the water completely. This damaged the home and the functionality of insulation was completely wasted. The water retention gives way to damp and then growth of mold.

Choosing the best option

Thus, spray foam a is safer option for your home. It will not have harmful components that can harm the environment of your home. The fiberglass of the traditional system of insulation is not completely safe for the environment. You may also find rodents or termites remain away from homes that are insulated properly with spray foam. The traditional method was not very safe and the materials were torn apart by the critters and insects, which gave them direct access to the home. So when you choose the type of insulation – make sure you take into consideration all the aspects of each of the process and then opt for the best one.

Spray Foam Kits are a Good Way to Insulate Homes for Energy Savings

When you find there are cracks and nicks on the walls or beside the faucet, insulation is a good option to seal and prevent air leakage or water damage. Air leaks welcome unwanted air inside your home. When cracks are not sealed properly, your energy bills will go skyrocketing and the AC will work require more power and vice versa for the heating system – which will also have to suck in more power to properly heat your rooms. Insulating your home with spray foam insulation will help to resolve these issues.

Spray foam insulation saves energy

Spray foam insulation is used in different areas and in varied settings. You may find spray foam insulation is used in cold storage or in new buildings that are being constructed. The layer of insulation provides a protective system from the heat of the summer time or from cold during the winter. When you use insulation on the walls, you make sure that the building does not expend more energy than is needed for heating or cooling purpose based on the area you are in. You will need a Spray Foam Kit for insulating the rooms or the building. When your spray foam seals the air leaks, the air movement becomes very low and insulation can then save up to 20% of your energy bill amount.

Types of Kits

You may want to check the ingredients of the Spray Foam Kit for insulation purpose. These kits are mostly portable and can help in gap filling project in a great way. There are few types of kits for different area and requirements. They are:

  • 1 component foam sealant – This sealant is for high performance and helps in moisture curing. The polyurethane foam is used to permanently seal and prevent air movement and therefore they also keep out moisture and insects coming through cracks. The energy saving sealant is best for sealing plumbing penetrations, electrical junctions, ventilation ducts and outlets for different electrical purpose. This is also used to seal the gaps and cracks beside concrete slabs.
  • 2 Component Foam Sealant – This one is another type of insulation kit that is disposable and comes with pressurized chemical filled cylinder. This cylinder is filled with polyurethane spray foam and there is no need to apply external pressure for the compressors. This one is good for repair works and for renovation work. The new installations of different machines often create cracks and this can fill it up too.

Using the Kit

There are some special ways to use the kit for insulation. You will need safety goggles and proper rubber gloves for using the kit. You must know the right way to apply the spray foam and you will need some tools too. They are:

  1. Spray foam kit for insulation purpose
  2. Bullet heater
  3. Wrench
  4. Goggles and gloves

You need to check the insulation kit to be sure the temperature of foam is 65 – 80 degree Fahrenheit. Clean the surface where you are going to spray the foam. It should be free of dust or debris. Use the wrench to apply the hose to the tank of the foam and then open the valves for spraying. First spray a thin layer and then let it dry. Then ensure that the area is safely sealed and then apply again if there are any missed areas, once it has cured. Finally dry the area and clean the hose and detach it. Store the kit in a safe place.

Designs of the Box Truck – for Performance and Safety

There are many manufacturing companies that will provide these box truck rigs for insulation businesses. Box Trucks are manufactured for carrying heavy equipment for insulation purpose and are built with proper distribution of weight all over the body. They have axel strength so that they can easily carry spray foam machines. The support structure of the truck is to carry the spray materials and the valuable equipment without any issues.

Engineered for performance

These Box Truck Rigs are manufactured so that they can accommodate 2 to 3 sets of the spray material and a heavy generator that will power all the electrical equipment. The compressor and proportioners are other things that the truck should carry within its build out. There are various other tools that the contractors would need for their work and these tools are also carried in this truck. The headroom within the truck should have a height of about 8’ for carrying all the machines that have a standard height.

Best designs when needed

These Box Truck Rigs are used so that they are able to perform in any weather condition. The rigs survive various type of weather and still protect machines installed within the truck. You may find humid climate or extreme freezing weather, dry and hot climate or any other extreme conditions. These trucks are designed so that they can function well in any weather conditions. Box Trucks are equipped with florescent lighting better visibility and the rooftop ventilation keeps the interior cool to prevent overheating. There are electrical outlets within the truck and a workstation so that one may work without hindrance. The hydraulic machines also run smoothly from within the truck.

Storing area

These rigs are built with strong tool boxes and durable cabinets for holding different valuable tools and parts. These storage spaces make the interior a good storage area. The truck holds space for the barrel racks so that the products may be placed with security and proper safety. The hose hangers within also are designed keeping in mind the end of the day quick wrap ups. You will also find an air dry and a regulator of the air within the truck. These help in keeping moisture away from the containment.

Safety and security

The rig also follows compliance with approved standard and, for this reason, keeps protective equipment within the truck. Safety equipment, also known as PPE or personal protective equipment, and all supplies for the safety equipment can also be found inside the truck. There are ramp doors, hose door and doors at the side for emergency access so that the different parts of the rig can be accessed without obstructions. The truck is kept secure so that the machines and the materials with all the tools are safe and easily accessible for needs throughout the workday.

Taking Care and Proper Cleaning will Add Life to your Spray Foam Guns

When you are using a spray foam gun, you must make sure you follow some tips so that the gun remains in good working condition for a long time. This will give you a gun that you can use with ease for a long period and be satisfied with its work. The tips for keeping the gun in its best condition:

  1. Cleaning of the gun – Clean the gun so that it can be stored without any foreign material or chemicals inside it. The mixing chamber, where the chemicals are mixed, needs thorough cleaning. The pin vise is a good thing to use for this and you should clean it after every 10-15 minutes while at work.
  2. Greasing after the work – Apply grease and lubricant to your gun so that the gun remains well-oiled and smooth for working.
  3. Clean the exterior – The Spray Foam Guns must be cleaned from the outside so that it remains in best working condition. Remove any excess spray foam from the exterior of the gun after each use.
  4. Internal wet chemicals – The chemicals deposited inside the gun must also be cleaned regularly. A standard grease and lubricant will work best.

There are some things that you must avoid while you are using Spray Foam Guns. These are to be followed to – for better maintenance of the gun. These are:

Soaking in just any cleaner – You should never open the parts of the gun to soak them in just any cleaner. Use a cleaner, such as Dynalube, that is designed for this use. Especially the o-rings and the plastic areas must not be placed in any solvent for any reason – this will result in damage of fragile parts.

Drill bit must be twisted in – The drill bit must be taken out or pushed in by twisting it and not by just shoving and pushing it in. The part is fragile and there are chances that it might break if one shoves it inside with more pressure than it can take or uses the wrong size drill bit. Taking it out may also become a big problem – if it breaks inside the chamber.

Be careful when using sandpaper for scraping – Scraping of the side seals or the mixing chambers or any other parts of the gun is helpful to remove any remaining particles. However, doing it correctly will be the difference in your gun working properly. Be sure to lubricate it with WD-40 or similar, then use a fine grit sandpaper and move the paper in a figure-8 motion to prevent scratching.

Caring is a must

You can use a gun cleaner for cleaning the gun. Use a foam gun cleaner and clean the debris into a wastebin that is safe for chemical waste.

Find about Spray Foam Machines and Invest for Your Business

When you are starting off with a spray foam insulation business, you need the right kind of equipment. The equipment that you need, is an essential component. You should know how to use equipment through proper training and how to make the quality of work better with these machines. The main equipment that you would need is the spray foam insulation machine. This performs critical tasks and therefore is the main component of your business. The machine should be of good standard and should work without any hitches.

Use of spray foam insulation

There is a high rate of growth for this type of insulation in residential and commercial buildings. Heating costs or installing a cooling system would be much higher without proper insulation. These systems require regular maintenance. More and more, consumers try to find ways to save some money by providing proper insulation in the buildings. Spray foam insulation is the best weapon against the rising energy bills – which is a common issue. This is the reason the insulation process has grown steadily and now new home construction are asking for this insulation. If you are looking to get into the business of insulation, this will become a good way to earn more profits by using Spray Foam Machines.

Machine for spray foam

The Spray Foam Machines come with special systems and they are as follows:

  1. Hydraulic pump – This pump calculates the quantity of foam that would be needed for the ratio of insulation. This quantity of foam is pumped into the long and steady hose. Air systems are also available.
  2. Hose with nozzle – The hose is fed with the spray foam and then the hose sprays it on the substrate requiring insulation. The spray gun at the end of the hose accurately sprays the material at the right place. Having the right length is essential for proper operation.
  3. Heating system – The machine also has a heating system that works when foam is fed into the machine. The temperature of the foam is maintained with the help of this heating system. Choose heaters with care.
  4. Pressure rating of the machine – this is the pressure that is generated by the machine when the chemicals of the foam are mixed together. Depending on hose length and material used, each contractor requires different pressure machines.
  5. Power generator – this is the main component from where the machine gets the electrical power.

Result for the consumer

The machine works well for the consumers’ benefits when it provides insulation for their buildings, roofs or other substrates. The technique is free of much hassles and the most important thing is that this gives the results the consumer is looking for. Consumers find energy bills running low when the building is insulated. This is the main reason why insulation systems will continue to grow more in popularity. As a part of the construction industry, this business will keep improving – when taken with seriousness. If you are interested in this business, you should consider how much you can save in the long run when using spray foam insulation.

Brands and prices

There are many brands of this equipment in the market that will give you the final result you are looking for, but not all equipment is created equal. You should consider an investment in a trusted brand that has a history of success and low maintenance. Learn about the features and the prices that you need to pay and then work out some calculations before investing.

Spray Foam Hoses Must Be Maintained With Care

Insulation is an important way of minimizing energy use in any building. Spray foam insulation is one such insulation that is most effective for buildings. There are machines that are used for insulating walls and rooms. You will need proper tools for these machines and the spray foam hose is one such part that is required for perfect insulation. The corresponding parts of the machine should be of good quality and the hoses are therefore very important. The hoses are connected to the gun and the machine. The hose has separate streams for ‘A’ side and ‘B’ side – in order to prevent material crossover. The chemicals are heated and then reach the gun where they mix and form a reaction. This results in spray foam for insulation and adheres on its own.

Maintenance of the hose

Choosing the right manufacturer so that you can buy proper hoses for the job at hand, is an important part of the process. After buying the hoses, you should use the Spray Foam Hoses with care so that they are not damaged. The damage can be caused by –

  • Sharp objects
  • Scuff jackets that are already torn – exposing the proper hose for more damage.
  • Large and heavy equipment that may run the hoses over.
  • Proper handling of the temperature when the foam is being formed.

You must make sure the workers for the insulation maintain the Spray Foam Hoses with good care so that it is not damaged while setting up of machine or while placing the parts in their proper place after the work is completed. Proper flushing at the end of the job will help to prevent crystallization inside the hose.

Construction of the hose

The hose that you need for your insulation machine should be a heated hose. This has a copper wire wrapped around the whole length of the hose and then the copper wire is encased in a scuff jacket. The wire gets low voltage electricity and this electricity extends the length of the hose to allow heat generation within the hose. The heat is then transferred by conduction to the liquid that flows inside the hose. The scuff jacket is for protection of the hose and its liquid. The jacket also acts as a preventive measure against moisture creeping into the hose. When moisture gets access to chemical, moisture will react with the chemical that runs within the hose and cause crystallization – effectively destroying material.

Use of the hose

The contractors who work with the spray foam machine should know how to keep the long length of the hose from damaging. The hose is long and it should be carried so that it can be used on the roofs or on the top floors of the building. There are preventive ways in which one has to carry the hose – when carried inside the building or on the other floors. Get the workers or contractors properly trained so that they use the hose with proper care and required technique. Generally the distributing company will provide proper training but you need to choose such company while buying the hose. This way the hose and other equipment will also get proper care and best usage. The machine parts will last longer and your work will become smoother as a result.

Design Spray Foam Rig after considering all Facts

When you are sure of the insulation that you need – there are other details you’ll need to consider. The Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF insulation will need proper equipment of the right size and weight – and will also vary depending on the types of jobs you are working on. Insulation equipment has to be transported with the materials to the destination in a suitable rig that is designed to carry the weight of equipment. There are spray foam rigs that are designed for the foam machine and the generator with the compressor. There will be other tools that one would need inside a rig. Typically, there is a work area within the rig and a proper tool box for contractors. If you are going to buy a rig, you should know some specifications and discuss your needs with a certified professional before buying it.

Proper laid out area

Spray foam rigs are typically 16 feet or longer – weight distribution is extremely important. The components within the rig should be well balanced. This will help in a smooth tow and preventing any damage to the trailer or truck. This rig will act as the work space for the applicator – the rig should therefore be well laid out. You may ask for a bracing system that is strong so that you can transport chemicals inside the rig. The tool boxes and work bench with the lined cabinets for different materials or supplies will be necessary.

Power for the spray foam rig

Rigs require adequate power and are typically designed to operate on gas, electric, or shore power. The power comes from the compressor and the generator – and when using shore power, comes from a local power source from a building or outside generator. The equipment placed within the rig will help determining the type of generator needed. Spray foam rigs come with electric units or with gas compressors and accompanying generators. There are diesel generators too, with the electric compressor for rigs that are used for large scale projects. Once you decide the type of projects you will work on, that will determine the type of generator needed.

Safety measures

The rig that you are investing in should be safe for yourself and all your workers. Have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must and it will also need to include a first aid station. The fire extinguishers and eye wash stations are a must. The first aid kit should have appropriate items for all types of hazards that may occur when handling chemicals. The MSDS within the rig will ensure the safety of the chemicals or other materials. The electrical codes are to be followed and the electrical wires must be there inside proper conduit so that there are no risks or damage to any human or to other equipment.

Planning for a spray foam rig is a serious thing and it requires a big investment and proper training. Having Toolbox Talks to ensure everyone on the team has a full understanding of safety and operation, is necessary. Only then, your trailer will meet all the requirements.

Insulation with Spray Foam Makes House Energy Efficient

Thermal insulation of your house is done with spray foam and this foam helps in minimizing air filtration. This foam that is used is made of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate. These are spray applied and help in sealing cracks on the walls too. The air movement is sealed when the spray foam is used to spray the cavities in new buildings under construction and in attics and rim joists too. The material never looses the shape that it has and so it will not get compressed or sag at all over time – it is regulated as structural support.

There are 2 types of spray foam insulation and these are done from open cell and closed cell Spray Foam Equipment.

  • Open cell foam spraying system – This is a light composition that is pliable. When the open cell foams dries, the cells lose the gaseous substance through the openings and the foam settles into the cracks and gaps. This foam is ideal for interior use of homes, commercial buildings, attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Closed cell foam spraying system – This is dense and heavier than open cell. This gives you a dense surface and is more resistant to the variation of weather and change in temperature at different weather or season. Closed Cell Foam can be used inside or outside. It has a higher R-value and is regulated as structural support.

Insulation spray foam

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams are made from a combination of liquids that cause a chemical reaction. The result is polyurethane foam. Closed Cell insulation has its own benefits. Here are few:

1. Insulation is stronger

This type of insulation works better than other insulations for its expansive nature. Spray Foam Equipment is used to spray Polyurethane foam and it tightly seals cracks and gaps of old buildings or the cracks and rim joists in new buildings. This insulation gets an insulation rating of up to R-6.5 and it is highest in the market.

2. Barrier for moisture

The holes or cracks in the walls of buildings or the crawl space often give way to damp air. This also invites water and moisture. Spray Foam closes this access and the insulation becomes impermeable for water or dampness. Thus the building is sealed from moisture, damp air and any small cracks too. The energy cost is thus saved when one tries to heat or cool the building – from air leakage and saves with air barrier.

3. Life span extended

The polyurethane spray foam insulation has a long span of life. Homes or businesses will enjoy a long term insulation from this type of barrier. This polymer remains good for years and then comes the time when you may re-insulate. When you invest in such insulation, you get the value for your money as it gives a life long protection.

This type of insulation is therefore the best one for any building. The equipment should be used by experts for getting the best results.