New Drum Heating Rack System

SprayWorks Equipment Group unveiled its new heated drum rack transportation system at the SPFA Expo in Dallas. The stationary heated drum rack design allows for contractors to easily install the system in their mobile spray foam rigs and box trucks. The new heated drum transportation system features Hi and Low temperature setting as well as an optional insulated jacket.Barrel Blazer in rig

The optional insulated jacket is best used in extreme cold environments, long distant hauling and for those products that require 90+ degrees. The Drum Heaters allows contractors to maintain heat in the barrels overnight as well as having the option for a boost of heat on those cold days including products that require higher drum temperatures.

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New Spray Foam and Coating Machines from PMC

PMC PA and PH Series Machines

The new spray foam and coating machines from PMC.

The new PMC PA series was developed to provide the applicator with and economically priced machine that is user friendly, serviceable and designed to meet the modern day spray foam and fluid applied coatings requirements. The PMC PA series spray foam and coating machines will be available in two models. The PA-25-2000 and the PAX-25-3000.

The PA-25-2000 series spray foam machine is and air driven proportioner with and output of 25lbs/min and capable of up to 2,000PSI.

The PA-25-3000 series coating machine is and air driven proportioner with and output of 1.3 gal/min and capable of up to 3,000PSI.

The machine’s features a 7″ air motor , 7,500 watt heaters with the option of larger heaters. Weighing only 265lbs the PA series open frame design allows easy access to all of the major components. The PA and PAX machine’s also features state of the art reversing valve reversing the pump direction with out the need for electricity!

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SprayFoam Convention & Expo 2012 Polyurethane Machinery Corporation

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is celebrating 5 Years of Excellence supported by over 100 Years of Proven Experience!

In celebration, PMC will give away a commemorative Special Anniversary Edition AP-1 Spray Gun and a
uniquely designed PMC Temperature Sensing Unit to two lucky winners!

Visit Booth #607 for Your Chance to Win!

Come see the Next Generation “Classic” PH Series hydraulically operated proportioner being introduced exclusively at the show. This series of machines will offer the consumer a more rugged design to  withstand the rigors of a contractor operation. The new “Classic” PH Series is offered in four models ranging from outputs 25-40 lbs/min and pressures from 2000-3500 psi.

PMC is also introducing a new more economical Air Operated proportioner with vertically aligned pumps. The new lightweight (265 lbs) PA Series Air Driven proportioner for foam and coatings features:

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SprayWorks Equipment Group to exhibit at the Spray Foam Convention & Expo

SprayWorks Equipment Group to exhibit at the spray foam convention & expo January 30th 2012 – February 2nd 2012 located at the Intercontinental Hotel Crystal Ball Room booth #707 Dallas, Texas. We will be featuring some the most advance technology and items made in the USA for the spray foam and coatings industry.

SprayWorks will also be show casing and demonstrating the Robotic Spraybot. Learn how to make high end production, save money and apply spray foam and coating applications to meet the industry’s most demanding specifications.

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PMC PH-40 Spray Foam Machine Product Review


The PH-40 Proportioner from PMC is designed and built for the spray polyurethane foam and polyurea industry. Not to mention some specific two-component epoxy systems.

Primary Heating System

The machine is designed with two independent Primary Heaters with no internal seals. Used for presetting manufacturers temperature product recommendations Each  Heater has Six Heating Elements known in the industry as (fire rods) rated at 1,250 watts each with (1,500 watts optional) giving the PH-40 machine a total heat of 15,000 watts or (18,000 watts optional) and the necessary control and safety components for their precise operation.

The Primary Heater design allows a temperature differential (ΔT) of 90º F and material application temperatures of up to 190º F under normal ambient temperatures.

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ISO Pump Lubrication System

ISO Pump Lubrication System Pump-LubInspecting the iso pump lubricant reservoir on your spray foam or Polyurea machine is often overlooked and should be part of a daily routine. Pump Lube forms a barrier between the ISO and the atmosphere. The lubricant will require changes pending the environment it is operating within. Typically every 3 to 4 weeks a gel formation occurs.

This is due to moisture absorption by the pump lubricant. Another entity that occurs is that different types spray foam and coating machines pumps have some form of seepage when using isocyanate during operations by-passing the pump packing’s. This in return can eventually cause a thin film build up on the pump shaft creating damage to the packing’s.

Early signs that the iso pump lubrication will need changing is its color darkens or contamination with the iso component turning into a milky white in color opposed to clear in liquid color. When checking the fluid another area of concern to pay attention to is the check valve attached in line of the pump lube suction hose. This can become clogged with geld material and can result in a plug the system preventing recirculation of the fluid.

Taking a preventive maintenance step in conjunction with utilizing the re-tract / park feature on your spray foam machine will help extend the life of your pump and pump packing’s’.

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Tracking your money in yield

Tracking product yield is an important part of our day to day operation. If you have purchased or going to be purchasing a mobile spray foam rig or spray foam equipment tracking your money in yield will help fine tune your operational cost and aid in the return of your investment.

Tracking tells us how and if the yield of the product is or is not being installed and/or estimated correctly or if the materials used are inconsistent with expected yield. In the warmer months we can see what yields are achieved in comparison to the colder seasons for losses.

We can compare the yields gained when pre warming the drums. We can see if the applicator is consistent and productive with the application. The crew can also make sure they don’t run out of product, thus requiring costly cleanup, re-purging the spray foam machine and hoses as well as the likelihood of having to rebuild the spray gun.

In addition we can compare how hard the drive systems of different spray machines have to work when processing the products. It’s not difficult to track when using the stroke/cycle counters.

Machine Approximate Output per Cycle
Per Gallon
GH-25 240 cc 16
GH-40 160 cc 24
E-20 Reactor 0.0104 gallon 96
E-30 Reactor 0.0272 gallon 37
FF 1600 120 cc 32

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New TSU Product Review

The new temperature sensor unit (TSU) from PMC is a unique design that makes replacement cost and effective one. The universal design fits all heated hose assemblies. PMCs TSU unit is designed to allow the user to replace only the TSU probe without having the hassle of disconnecting spray hoses.

The lead TSU external wires are sleeved with a coiled jacket that protects the probe wires from excessive wear and tear. With the PMC TSU unit you will not need to replace the whole assembly or force to buy a fitting you don’t need. Simply replace the probe at a fraction of the cost. Most temperature sensing units are not serviceable and can cost in excess of $600 to replace.

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Opportunities owning a spray foam business

The insulating of homes and buildings has been a primary source of income for many spray foam contractors. The tremendous versatility of sprayed in place rigid polyurethane foam opens numerous opportunities owning a spray foam business for use in other areas other than new homes and buildings.

The ability of spray foams to provide superior insulation properties is not the only feature of the product.  The cured foam adds structural strength; it is an effective sealer of cracks and holes, has good floatation and sound dampening characteristics, provides vapor drive reduction, expands into hard to fill areas, the application is fast, reduces the effects of thermal shock, bonds between various construction materials and does not lose the physical properties or insulation capability over time.

The ability of the contractors to take their mobile spray rigs to a job site and spray easily to irregular surfaces or odd shaped objects is a tremendous advantage of spray-in-place polyurethane foam over all other conventional insulations systems.

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Running a professional and successful Spray Foam Business?

How many times has the crew showed up for work, got into the vehicle, turn the key on and drive off to the Job with your new spray foam rig and then you receive that dreaded phone call, the machine or equipment is not working, “it was working yesterday” or “we need more parts” and can’t work today. (Sound familiar?).

When running a professional and successful spray foam business implementing some standard procedures and guide lines will help minimize down time and help transform your crew into a professional spray foam production team. The first thing that is vital to your operation is that you and your crew have received the proper training with a clear understanding of how your spray equipment works including: Safe handling of materials, proper preventive maintenance, parts management, trouble shooting skills, and spray application techniques.

In addition the Spray mechanic has to be aware of three basic things. The proper procedure in handling a spray application project. What the foam should look like as its being applied. What to do if there is a problem with the equipment or on the job and be capable of correcting this problem. SprayWorks Equipment Group has compiled some basic daily, weekly and monthly Key check points that will help guide you along the way.

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