Benefits of Spray-On Rigid Foam Insulation

Spray-on rigid foam insulation is a type of polyurethane that stops the transfer of air between different areas, and is used both residentially and commercially. Because it no longer uses urea formaldehyde or CFCs as a blowing agent, modern spray-foam insulation is environmentally friendly, and is being used more rapidly as an alternative to traditional insulation. One application by a spray foam professional is all it takes to insulate a project, and there are multiple advantages delivered in a short time. If you’re starting a new project and trying to decide which type of insulation is best, you should make an informed comparison. Consider the following benefits of spray-on rigid foam insulation when determining what to use in your next building project.

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1. Better Quality

Foam insulation that is pre-manufactured isn’t customized to your specific project, which can result in gaps across the building envelope. Spray foam insulation is created directly at the job site, and when applied, it expands to fill all the gaps. With spray foam insulation, you get a better, more even coverage.

2. Lasts Longer

Regular cellulose insulation can settle over time, leaving your project vulnerable to gaps and air leakage. Spray-on foam insulation cures and maintains structural integrity over time. Studies have shown that spray foam insulation lasts indefinitely, as there is no degradation in the properties of the foam over time.

3. Faster Install

Application of spray-foam insulation is quick and cures in just minutes, and can be sprayed to almost any base material, including wood and steel studs used in both commercial and residential construction. Because it expands as it cures, there’s less room for error as opposed to traditional insulation, and less need to piece parts together.

4. More Efficient

Rigid spray-foam insulation is safe and efficient in saving homeowner’s money in utility costs, decreasing them on average by 30%-50%. Because the spray foam maintains its sealed thermal envelope, it blocks harmful air from the outside and can improve air quality indoors. Over time, the choice to use spray-on rigid foam insulation is apparent. It’s one-time installation eventually pays for itself in monthly savings and benefits to the building owner. Additionally, because of its insulation factors which require less energy to cool/heat and high R-value, spray-foam insulation is sustainable and makes for a more green-friendly building.

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