Check Listing Your Air Compressor

Did you know your Air Compressor requires maintenance? Yes it does! There are a few simple steps you can take to elongate the life of your Air Compressor and keep it running smoothly.

  1. Check the air filters on a weekly basis. The environment surrounding the air compressor plays a big role in the condition of air filters. Being in a dusty trailer can cause grit and other particles to get caught within the filter element at a higher rate than normal. The outside temperature and humidity can play a role in the consistency of the filter life as well. Check the filter heads first if the compressor:
    • Is running too hot
    • Is not building up to proper pressure
    • If there is air blowing out of the filter, as this could indicate a blown head gasket
  2. Check the oil on a weekly basis – especially considering how hard the air compressor is run to meet the demands of a spray foam trailer.
    • If the oil is black, this is normal. Black oil can happen due to the color of the casting inside the pump. This black coated casting will break loose over time and no longer turn black after a few months of use. *If the problem persists, reach out to the manufacturer for questions.
  3. The typical amount of oil needed to fill up the PV05AHP or EAV-4 compressor pumps is 1.10 Quarts.
    • Be sure to use 30 Weight Non-Detergent Compressor Oil in the compressor pumps.
  4. At the end of each day, be sure to drain the tank of any excess air.
    • This will elongate the life of the compressor tank, cut down on moisture in the tank, and alleviate any rusting issues.
  5. If the compressor experiences any issues with the continuous run unloader not building up to peak pressure, shutting off, or bogging down, we recommend the following:
    • Clean the unloader first. While this may take a couple of hours to accomplish, it typically solves the problem without needing to overnight parts to anyone. As dust, grit, and grime float around in the air, they can stop up an unloader quite easily. Simply follow the instructions below:
      1. Remove the unloader from the center of the tank.
      2. Clean it in soapy water.
      3. Soak it in oil for about an hour.
      4. Clean with soapy water once again.
      5. Let it dry
      6. Re-install on the compressor.
  6. For issues regarding wiring, please refer those to a licensed electrician or the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.