Cleaning And Maintaining The Spray Foam Guns For Proper Insulation

Before you learn how to clean and maintain your gun or the spray foam applicator, it is necessary that you understand how your gun functions. The gun part of the entire set up is connected to equipment from the hose to the machine. The machine is responsible for transferring the desired amount of the chemicals to the gun, ensuring an even mixture and is then is used for spraying material on the surface of your chosen substrate. For perfect application of the coating or spray foam, you need to identify the best tip to use on the gun before buying it from the distributor. Once the appropriate gun and tip are selected, it is imperative to the longevity of your gun to learn how to properly clean and maintain your gun before every use.

Buying your gun from a reputable place

As the applicators, or the Spray Foam Guns, are used for spraying on the surface with extreme precision – you need to buy your gun from a reputable manufacturer and understand how it is to be cleaned properly. Your equipment distributor should be able to tell you how to clean your gun properly. In addition to the techniques of cleaning and maintenance you need to follow, there are other aspects such as the make and the design of the gun which should be user-friendly. Furthermore, the manufacturer must be able to provide you with the instructions for using the applicator and the workers responsible for using this equipment should get proper training – which is vital. Without buying your gun applicator from a reputable place, you will not be able to get the desired output of the material. You should always talk to the distributor in detail before buying any equipment.

Cleaning the foam guns

The Spray Foam Guns that are used for spraying must be cleaned properly for even application of the insulating material. When you apply open and closed cell material for spraying the foam, foam tends to accumulate on the tip and the first step is to clean the debris and the foam which still exists after use. Using gun cleaner is one way of cleaning the tip of the gun, but you won’t get a full clean unless your disassemble your gun. One the gun is disassembled, the steel or aluminum parts can be placed in a heated gun soaker to dissolve chemicals. You can wait for a few minutes and then repeat the process again to ensure complete cleanliness of the gun, depending on how dirty it is.

Frequency of cleaning

When it comes to regular cleaning you need to be aware of the number of times that the gun needs to be cleaned. While you need to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance, cleaning it improperly may damage smaller parts. Contact our team now for more information about cleaning and maintaining the spray foam guns for proper insulation.

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