Closed Cell Spray Foam Equipment in New York

Closed cell spray foam is a much denser and more common spray foam of the polyurethane spray foams. They are so dense that they are able to act as an air barrier that helps keep regulated temperatures and preventing draft. Closed cell spray foam’s density is a benefit because it prevents mold growth. This is able to be done because temperature control can cut down on humidity which makes mold harder to grow.

Closed cell spray foam maintains resistance because of density and strength, once fully formed they can resemble solids. By being so dense and strong they can insulate buildings and appliances and they are useful to strengthen walls.

Equipment Like No Other

Our equipment is designed by specialists who are professionals at it. To fulfill what our customers need, our experts have built spray foam rigs that offer quality never seen before in New York.

As experts in the industry, we understand the needs of your foam rig or spray foam equipment – and care just as much about the delivery of your projects as you do.

What Sets SprayWorks Apart

SprayWorks is a turn-key supplier of spray foam equipment that really does not compare to other companies in New York. Our services and product quality is what really sets us apart. We approach this by understanding that success is heavily weighted on service.

We provide rugged, dependable and easily maintained equipment and supplies, coupled with insightful instruction at an affordable price.

Get The Best Quality In New York

Industries need to change in order to keep growing. This is why SprayWorks Equipment doesn’t get stuck and keeps on growing with your company and with you. Your business depends on having a trusted expert in the spray foam and coating material by your side. SprayWorks Equipment has what you need to get the job done and get it done right.

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