Designs of the Box Truck – for Performance and Safety

There are many manufacturing companies that will provide these box truck rigs for insulation businesses. Box Trucks are manufactured for carrying heavy equipment for insulation purpose and are built with proper distribution of weight all over the body. They have axel strength so that they can easily carry spray foam machines. The support structure of the truck is to carry the spray materials and the valuable equipment without any issues.

Engineered for performance

These Box Truck Rigs are manufactured so that they can accommodate 2 to 3 sets of the spray material and a heavy generator that will power all the electrical equipment. The compressor and proportioners are other things that the truck should carry within its build out. There are various other tools that the contractors would need for their work and these tools are also carried in this truck. The headroom within the truck should have a height of about 8’ for carrying all the machines that have a standard height.

Best designs when needed

These Box Truck Rigs are used so that they are able to perform in any weather condition. The rigs survive various type of weather and still protect machines installed within the truck. You may find humid climate or extreme freezing weather, dry and hot climate or any other extreme conditions. These trucks are designed so that they can function well in any weather conditions. Box Trucks are equipped with florescent lighting better visibility and the rooftop ventilation keeps the interior cool to prevent overheating. There are electrical outlets within the truck and a workstation so that one may work without hindrance. The hydraulic machines also run smoothly from within the truck.

Storing area

These rigs are built with strong tool boxes and durable cabinets for holding different valuable tools and parts. These storage spaces make the interior a good storage area. The truck holds space for the barrel racks so that the products may be placed with security and proper safety. The hose hangers within also are designed keeping in mind the end of the day quick wrap ups. You will also find an air dry and a regulator of the air within the truck. These help in keeping moisture away from the containment.

Safety and security

The rig also follows compliance with approved standard and, for this reason, keeps protective equipment within the truck. Safety equipment, also known as PPE or personal protective equipment, and all supplies for the safety equipment can also be found inside the truck. There are ramp doors, hose door and doors at the side for emergency access so that the different parts of the rig can be accessed without obstructions. The truck is kept secure so that the machines and the materials with all the tools are safe and easily accessible for needs throughout the workday.