Different Types of Spray Foam Hoses Available

For the application of polyurea and chemical systems, polyurethane foam chemical systems and certain two-component epoxy systems, PMC Heated Hoses are carefully built and attentively designed. In order that the PMC hoses fit multiple maximum hose lengths, the PMC hoses are designed with a transformer.

100% of the circumferential is covered with a braided tinned-copper jacket to produce the most consistent variation of heat that is available. The heating element of the Spray Foam Hoses is extremely resistant to low energy and malfunction.

The range of hoses generally varies from 2000 psi up to 3500 psi which is high pressure in nature. To produce 410 feet, the lengths range from 10 feet to 50 feet which are linked together.

Here below are the different form of Spray Foam Hoses and coating Hoses that are available. Look through to know which one best suits your requirement.

  • MA-00040A Heated/Whips 3500psi – ¼ inches x 10 inches Non-TC Hose, these are universal LP/HP Gun Whips.
  • MA-00039A-TC Heated/3500psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches TC Hose which is High Pressure Heated Hose w/TC.
  • MA-00039A Heated/3500psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches Non-TC Hose which is a High-pressure heated hose.
  • MA-00035A Transfer Pump Air Harness
  • MA-00026-A Fluid Hose/ISO – ¾ inches x 10 inches Hose which is ISO supply hose from transfer pump to a machine.
  • MA-00026 Fluid Hose/Poly – ¾ inches x 10 inches Hose which is POLY supply hose from transfer pump to a machine.
  • MA-00014A-TC Heated/2000psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches TC Hose which is Low pressure (2000psi) heated hose with control TC wire.
  • MA-00014A Heated/2000 psi – 3/8″ x 50′ Non-TC Hose which is Low-pressure heated hose.

In order that you properly apply spray foam and polyurea coatings to any surface, Spray Foam Hoses are needed to be transporting the chemicals to the job site and maintain the required and right application temperature.

The best selection of high-pressure heated hoses and whip hoses will feature a braided design to stand up to the damages and regular wear and tear of daily use. They are also compatible with PMC-USA/Polymac guns.

A copper weave element of a heated hose with thermocouple wire will provide complete hose coverage that will maintain the chemical’s heat in route to the gun. This will still allow the heated hose to bend as needed. Carefully check for the type of Spray Foam Hoses you need, and contact a good manufacturer who will address your requirements with quality hoses.

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