Equipment Company Launches New Spray Foam Series

SprayWorks Launches New Equipment Repair Video Series

CANTON, Ohio – SprayWorks Equipment Group, a spray foam and coatings equipment company, has launched a new video series for contractors. The new series of short videos, aptly named Fix-It Friday, is hosted by Polyurethane equipment experts with decades of experience; John Davidson and Dave Penta. Fix-It Friday consists of monthly videos curated with common part repairs and maintenance steps that need to take place regularly. The videos allow spray foam contractors to take repairs into their own hands.

Fix-It FridayFix-It Friday videos not only make repairs easy to understand, but also breaks down the anatomy of equipment. SprayWorks’ first video repairs a smashed spring and bumper on a GHO Transfer Pump – an easy repair that needs to be fixed at times. Contractors can expect to see future videos such as; replacing o-rings, lubricating and servicing equipment, and other common repairs needing to take place in spray foam rigs and coatings rigs.

“Fix-It Friday is an exciting step for our entire team,” says John Davidson, VP of Operations “each video includes common things that we fix regularly, and we break it down to make repairs quick which leaves the spray foam contractor feeling confident.”

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