Filtering Chemical

Long ago (maybe 45 years) my old company evolved mostly into a spray foam roofing contractor from just an insulator. Because of the iso particles and small size screens, and yes, not doing a good job of sealing the iso drums. This was always a recipe for a pile of disaster. I kept shooting myself in the foot and no one would help to unload the gun. 

If you are spraying with a #1 mixing chamber, use no smaller then #60 screen in the spray gun and machine. Use your logic to know the size of the A-B ports of mixing chamber and screen size openings. 

Screen sizes examples. #80 is 80 openings per sq. Inch. #60 is 60 openings per sq. Inch. #30 is 30 openings per sq. Inch. The lower the number the larger the opening for particles to pass through. As you go up to a larger size let’s say for higher volume output (roofing) you may want to use only #30. Many times I sprayed without filters and it all worked out fine. Nothing that I have said will fix anything long term without making sure your materials are free from exposure. 

Jim Davidson is the Managing Partner at SprayWorks Equipment Group. He has 40 years of experience in the spray foam industry and has worked alongside many of the industry pioneers. Jim has designed and created industry equipment such as; Spraybot, Barrel Blazer, Roboliner and Polybot - among others.

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