Fix-It Friday! How to Rebuild the Manual Valve

In this episode of Fix-It Friday! – we discuss how to rebuild the Manual Valve on your Coupling Block. PMC’s Coupling Block features rebuildable valves, which allow you to better maintenance your block.

Once you remove the Manual Valve from the hose, remove the seat. Be aware of the reverse thread on the seat. Next, remove the stem and seals by twisting the stem out of the housing. The Manual Valve has two o-rings; one white/red and the other black – each can be removed easily with a dental pick and replaced with new o-rings.

Replace the valve and reattach the seat (reverse thread), but make sure the seat is free of debris. Apply grease, then thread the stem with seals carefully to not damage the seals. Loctite works great on the stem, so apply a little and let it dry. While drying, withdraw the seat then put the Manual Valve in the block – finally tighten the seat and valve. Keep in mind, you may need to use thread tape depending on how old and worn your block is.

Products in this video:

Manual Valve Assembly




Manual Valve Seat

Manual Valve Housing

Manual Valve Stem

Medium Strength Loctite

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