Fix-It Friday! Installing a TSU on your Heated Hose

In this episode of Fix-It Friday! We teach you how to instal a Temperature Sensing Unit (TSU) on your PMC Heated Hose. An insulated jacket is included with your TSU compatible hose – you’ll want to ensure it is over the hose and in place before installing the TSU, as you cannot add it after the TSU is in place.

Installing TSU

Attaching the TSU to your Hose

The TSU comes installed as one piece and is ready to add to your hose – also the sensor is replaceable. PMC installs their TSU on the “A” side of your hose, also the air will run through the block. Run your sensor up the line towards the gun and way from the machine with a standard wrench and tighten. The purple line of your connecting hose should attach to the TSU as well and will communicate the hose temperature to the machine.

Placing your TSU:

Commercial Roofing – for roofing the TSU should be placed approximately 50% of the hose length or at least the first 150 feet.

Insulation and Coatings – for insulation and coatings, the TSU should be installed as close to the gun as possible – typically connected to the whip hose.

Parts in this video:


Flex Thermocouple

50′ Hose with TC and Scuff:

Low Pressure

High Pressure

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John Davidson is the VP of Operations at SprayWorks Equipment Group and is an SPFA PCP Certified Roofing and Insulation Installer, Roofing and Insulation Project Manager, and Supplier Rep. With over 30 years of experience in the spray foam and polyurea industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. He has worked on commercial and residential buildings, bridges and infrastructure.

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