How Do You Get Spray Foam Rigs?

There are companies that specialize in the unique designs of a wide range of coating and spray foam applications. Usually, these rigs are box trucks or manufactured trailer that are put together for contractors to be complete turn key solutions. These are later sold to the contractors and are built by the experts using quality materials. The companies are experts dealing with understanding contractor’s needs of coatings rigs and foam rigs. They care about the project delivery as much as the contractor who is being hired by their customer. The rigs and mobile trailers are built up to 30 feet with the option of being eco-friendly.


Things to know when purchasing


There are a few things that contractors must know if they have decided on building out or buy spray foam rigs – especially when determining how one can properly equip trailer for maximizing investment. Some of the things that need to be considered involve knowing how rigs can be used and what can be sprayed. Consider thinking on the grounds, that whether you are an industrial/commercial contractor working on large projects that spray roofs and systems of air barrier or roofs. On the other hand, you may also be, a contractor that focuses on the insulation of the walls or some roofs. So just determine the use before having a rig built.

Powering the rig

The need for reliable and adequate power has to be determined so that there is sufficient electricity for operating proportioner and compressor when working with spray foam rigs. It might also allow for other equipment and work lights to function. Usually, options range from generators, gas compressors, electric units that are smaller, or shore power.


Each of the rigs, are equipped to the specs and can also be set up like any turn-key rig. Rigs are usually customized for accommodating box truck, hitch, standard trailer and fifth wheel.  Moreover, strict guidelines are followed for construction of these rigs and they are pretty much engineered for high superior performance. For ensuring production to be high end, box trucks and trailers are designed spaciously in order to fit one or multiple sets of material inside the rig.

Extensive research

There is an extensive level of testing and research done for providing the most advanced kind of technology that is made to be available in mobile foam spray rigs. Each rig is optionally equipped with a barrel heating system and robotic material application system.

Closed Cell Foam

The spray rigs that are mobile, come sprayed with closed cell foam that is applied to the entire trailer interior. This insulates the turn-key investment.

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