How Does the Logan Manifold Work

How to Changeover Material Using the Logan Manifold

Logan ManifoldBelow are instructions on how to changeover material from Open Cell (OC) to Closed Cell (CC) or from Closed Cell to Open Cell, using the Logan Manifold. Changeover only takes about 10 minutes, once the Logan Manifold is set up, and material waste is minimal at only eight ounces.

  1. Step One: Bleed Pressure Back into Barrel – Turn all your Logan Manifold valves to the OFF position and turn OFF your proportioner or reactor. Bleed the pressure off your proportioner then connect the air hose to the Air Inlet and place the hose end over the drum opening. Finally, turn the Air Inlet valve to the ON position and pour chemical until air is released.
  2. Step Two: Change Air Line to Opposite Material – Turn the Air Inlet valve to the OFF position and disconnect the air line. Attach the air line to the opposite B-side drum pump and turn the selected B-side material valve to the ON position on the Logan Manifold.
  3. Step Three: Begin Spraying New Material – Blow out remaining material in a waste bucket until new material runs smoothly (about eight ounces, air removed). Then, begin spraying.

Expert Tips:

  1. Keep hose heat at 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal use.
  2. When turning the valve and pump back on in Step Two, do this slowly to prevent the pump from jamming.
  3. Once the changeover process is complete, spray your gun until you get a quality spray. Do not test on your substrate.

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