How to Choose a Spray Foam Rig for Your Business

Choose wisely and get tips from an experienced company.

Some business owners that are starting in the spray foam business have less experience in choosing the right equipment for their business. This is something that most new business owners go through, but with the right advice, you can pick what your business and your customers need.

One of the first things to keep in mind is the purpose of the spray foam rig. Once you have established what you will be needing the spray foam rig for and for what kind of business it’s meant to be used for.

Do you need it for big industrial projects or are you selling it to contractors that are more focused on smaller jobs such as wall insulation?

Know more about SprayWorks Spray Foam Rigs

Invest In The Right Spray Foam Rig

Before purchasing any spray foam rig, you need to take a step back and determine the investment you are about to make. There are many characteristics that spray foam rigs have, so it’s best to establish the kind of work you will use it for.

SprayWorks Equipment offers four types of rigs that can fit your business needs:

Eco Series Rigs

Our Eco Series Rigs have a compact design built to accommodate all of your project needs. You can expect a shore power rig and proportioner with a lower weight to help with the overall weight of the mobile rig.

Master Series Rigs

These rigs offer a fully stocked equipment and polyurea protected flooring to keep your machine running for years. This rig comes turn-key and ready to spray foam or any other polyurethane material.

Custom Rigs

If you are working on large commercial roofs, bridges, roads, or any other large polyurea project, a custom spray rig might be the solution for you because it can accommodate into any size project and business type.

Box Trucks

Box Trucks are best for the small business with residential sized projects including spray foam insulation for attics, crawl spaces, studs, and other small to midsize projects.

If you are looking to have the best spray foam rigs for your business, contact SprayWorks Equipment

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