How to Choose a Spray Gun Based on your Project Needs

Spray Guns Worth Mentioning

Graco Fusion AP

Graco Fusion AP Air-Purge Foam Spray Gun

An essential part of Polyurethane application is having the right gun. In this article, we review the top seven types of Polyurethane applications, which gun is best, and why you should consider them for your next project.

Roof & Wall Insulation

Virtually any spray gun will work great for roofing and wall insulation. The Graco Fusion line is a popular choice, along with the PMC Air Purge line. Click here for more options.

Fusion MP

Graco Fusion Mechanical Purge Spray Gun

Air Sealing Attics and Rim Joists

When applying open cell foam or closed cell foam in attics and walls, having a durable gun that is lightweight and easy to handle, is important. The Fusion CS and Fusion Mechanical Purge guns are ideal for sealing air tight rim joists. Click here to lear more about these guns.

Roof Coatings

Given the nature of roof coatings, needing multiple materials applied including a closed cell foam as well as coatings – the Fusion Mechanical Purge, GX-7, and Probler P2 are all ideal for high output spray polyurethane and polyurea applications. Learn more about our roofing system guns.

Pipe & Tank Coating

For projects wanting to protect storage vessels, including; steel and concrete tanks, pipe linings, reactors, rail tank cars, truck tankers, potable water tanks, bulk dry-storage tanks and more – the ideal guns are Graco’s Fusion Air Purge, Fusion Mechanical Purge, and GX-7. Alternatively, PMC’s AP-3 and PX-7 Mechanical Pour Gun are ideal as well. Learn what to use for Pipe & Tank Coatings.

Secondary Containment Spill Prevention

A secondary containment system provides an essential line of defense in the event of a failure of the primary containment, such as a bulk storage container, a mobile or portable container, piping, or oil-filled equipment. Graco Fusion Air Purge and Mechanical Purge – as well as PMC AP3 or PX-7 Mechanical Purge are ideal for these projects. Click here for more options.

Spray On Bedliners

When applying material to trucks and bedliners, a variety of entry-level and industrial-use equipment is available. Starting with Graco Fusion Air Purge, Fusion Mechanical Purge, GX-7 – as well as PMC’s AP3 and PX-7 Mechanical Purge. Learn more about these guns.


When working on waterproofing projects, efficiency is key. Graco Fusion Air Purge, Mechanical Purge, and GX7 – as well as PMC’s AP3 and PX-7 Mechanical Purge, all work great for waterproofing projects. Learn more about these guns.

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