How to Choose the Right Concrete Lifting Equipment?

Historically, concrete lifting has been its own niche area – until recent years, when expanding foam for concrete leveling has become available. Here, we explore the various options of concrete lifting equipment as it relates to spray foam.

Graco Fusion AP

What Type of Pump Should I Use?

With older versions of concrete lifting, mud pumps and concrete pumps were the only way to go. New technology has expanded slabjacking with use of spray foam – a heavy duty expanding polyurethane foam which, when chemicals combine, can expand 30-60 times its liquid volume. There are now simple all-in-one concrete lifting carts available for this very purpose.

  • The Graco H-20/35 hydraulic proportioner is one option for concrete lifting, if you also have bigger projects that need to be completed this machine may be the right one for you.
  • The Foam Jack includes a PF-1600 machine, along with all the equipment you need for slabjacking. It can be used for many types of small spray foam projects – from insulation to roofing.
  • Other mudjacking and slabjacking equipment is available, depending on your needs.

What Kind of Foam is Used to Lift Concrete?

Expanding foam for concrete leveling is available with many material manufacturers, so the good news is that, even though spray foam is new to slabjacking – there are a number of options available. When selecting a driveway lifting foam, expansion is important. When lifting concrete, reaction time is an important science. Selecting a foam that does not rise too quickly or too slowly will help you to best determine how and when to inject more foam.

Determining the materials and the techniques used are critical to a successful lift. Contact SprayWorks Equipment for recommended materials and training.

Is there an option for concrete leveling equipment rental?

Equipment rental in concrete is a rare commodity, however as a business owner, you will find that the startup price for concrete lifting equipment is pretty nominal compared to the return on your investment.

Contact a slabjacking expert today and find out what machine is best for your business.

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