How to test an FTS Wire

Perform Equipment Shutdown Procedures. 

  1. Disconnect FTS cable at proportioner. ​
  2. Test with ohmmeter between pins of cable connector. ​
  3. If cable fails test, Repair Fluid Temperature Sensor (FTS)​
  4. Disconnect FTS Cable

Pins Result 1 to 2 Approximately 35 ohms per 50 ft (15.2 m) of hose, plus approximately 10 ohms 

How to test a FTS Unit 

Test with ohmmeter between pins of cable connector

  1. Check Pins #1 to #2   Result – approximately 10 ohms
  2. Check Pins #1 to #3   Result – infinity
  3. Check Pin #3 to FTS ground screw Result  – 0 ohms
  4. Check Pin #1 to FTS A fitting Result – infinity​

Learn how to use a multimeter here.

Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.

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