Insulation with Spray Foam Makes House Energy Efficient

Thermal insulation of your house is done with spray foam and this foam helps in minimizing air filtration. This foam that is used is made of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate. These are spray applied and help in sealing cracks on the walls too. The air movement is sealed when the spray foam is used to spray the cavities in new buildings under construction and in attics and rim joists too. The material never looses the shape that it has and so it will not get compressed or sag at all over time – it is regulated as structural support.

There are 2 types of spray foam insulation and these are done from open cell and closed cell Spray Foam Equipment.

  • Open cell foam spraying system – This is a light composition that is pliable. When the open cell foams dries, the cells lose the gaseous substance through the openings and the foam settles into the cracks and gaps. This foam is ideal for interior use of homes, commercial buildings, attics, basements, and crawl spaces.
  • Closed cell foam spraying system – This is dense and heavier than open cell. This gives you a dense surface and is more resistant to the variation of weather and change in temperature at different weather or season. Closed Cell Foam can be used inside or outside. It has a higher R-value and is regulated as structural support.

Insulation spray foam

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams are made from a combination of liquids that cause a chemical reaction. The result is polyurethane foam. Closed Cell insulation has its own benefits. Here are few:

1. Insulation is stronger

This type of insulation works better than other insulations for its expansive nature. Spray Foam Equipment is used to spray Polyurethane foam and it tightly seals cracks and gaps of old buildings or the cracks and rim joists in new buildings. This insulation gets an insulation rating of up to R-6.5 and it is highest in the market.

2. Barrier for moisture

The holes or cracks in the walls of buildings or the crawl space often give way to damp air. This also invites water and moisture. Spray Foam closes this access and the insulation becomes impermeable for water or dampness. Thus the building is sealed from moisture, damp air and any small cracks too. The energy cost is thus saved when one tries to heat or cool the building – from air leakage and saves with air barrier.

3. Life span extended

The polyurethane spray foam insulation has a long span of life. Homes or businesses will enjoy a long term insulation from this type of barrier. This polymer remains good for years and then comes the time when you may re-insulate. When you invest in such insulation, you get the value for your money as it gives a life long protection.

This type of insulation is therefore the best one for any building. The equipment should be used by experts for getting the best results.