Know the benefits of using Spraybots

We have been constantly innovating to make life simpler. Because of this, projects have become so much more convenient.

Today, every little innovation has helped make life better. This is true where spray foam insulation is also concerned. With the introduction of the Spraybot, the insulation process has become much simpler.

Here are the benefits of using the Spraybot:

  1. Using it is time-saving and product conserving. Being an environment friendly machine, it can be pushed around and be fed all kinds of Polyurethane and Polyurea materials.
  2. Using a Spraybot can cover an area consistently and in turn decrease the amount of waste material. It also helps achieve the thickness needs as required.
  3. When a Spraybot is used, it is one of the best ways to install a uniform coating since there is a wider application of product. The coating of the joints and seams are enhanced and require less overlapping passes.
  4. The most widely known benefit can be achieved if a skilled applicator is using the Spraybot. Though it is easy to use, a trained person would be able to perform the job better.
  5. Another great innovation is the Spraybot Ultra that comes with a many benefits. It is light in weight, aluminum in nature and has a powder-coated durable paint which is designed to navigate any structure with no difficulty – even roofs with slope.
  6. A wind-screen is included and helps to abstruct overspray during high wind flows. A clamshell front-end design helps protect the spray parts from overspray.
  7. If human error is removed, the Spraybot can reduce the cost of material which in turn increases the yield rate to more than 10%.
  8. The main purpose of a Spraybot is to display that a robotic system, of reasonably priced cost for the small workshop, is able to carry out the application phase – improving the quality of the service with a good investment amount.

Spraybots have made a lot of difference and with constant innovation, are higher in demand. Knowing the requirements of commercial and residential buildings and even bridges and infrastructure, the Spraybot has helped make the process of accurately spraying foam and polyurea on the interior and exterior, roofs, waterproofing, bridges and other structures.

Well trained people are hired to do the job, because as simple as this may seem, a perfect job requires good training. Choose the Spraybot from SprayWorks and witness the amazing benefits this product can offer to your business.