Need Commercial Power Washers for Your Team? SprayWorks has You Covered.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, SprayWorks is the premier provider of spray foam equipment. With our recent acquisition of Trail Sprayer and Service, LLC, we are happy to expand our reach in the industry. Through Trail Sprayer, we will be equipped to offer our customers commercial coating equipment, as well as industrial power washers.

Commercial power washers

Industrial Power Washers from Trail Sprayer and Service, a Division of SprayWorks

At Trail Sprayer, we specialize in commercial and industrial paint and coating equipment as well as commercial power washers. Our featured brands include Graco, Titan, Mi-T-M, and TriTech products, which consist of spray guns, hoses, industrial power washers, paint pumps, and other equipment and parts.

Our industrial power washers are ideal for a range of industries, such as:

  • Commercial cement companies
  • Commercial landscaping companies
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Commercial cleaning companies

Our commercial power washers are sourced from our 28,000-square-foot full-service facility that supplies a variety of commercial spray equipment.

Commercial Power Washers for Your Business

We understand the importance of keeping your cement surfaces clean and free of mold and debris. Whether your cement company offers maintenance and cleaning, or if you’re cleaning cement after installation, our commercial power washers are ideal for you.

Our Mi-T-M commercial power washers are the highest quality, most trusted industrial power washers for your business. Mi-T-M was founded in 1971 and has since worked diligently to maintain their reputation for manufacturing premium commercial pressure washers. They’re also a certified testing facility for Cold Spray Aluminum (CSA).

Choose from a range of cold-water commercial pressure washers, hot-water commercial power washers, or rotary-surface cleaners for your business.

Choosing the Industrial Pressure Washer That’s Right for Your Business

It’s important to consider the size and scope of your projects when choosing an industrial pressure washer for your business. Hot-water pressure washers are ideal for cleaning surfaces that may be affected by grease or oil, while cold-water pressure washers are perfect for simple jobs such as blasting away sand or dirt.

At Trail Sprayer, after choosing either a cold- or hot-water industrial pressure washer, you’ll also be able to choose the method by which the commercial power washer runs, as well as whether it is direct or belt driven.

Cold-Water Industrial Pressure Washers

Hot-Water Commercial Pressure Washers

In addition to the choice of electric, gasoline, or diesel, you can select from several series of industrial pressure washers, such as ChoreMaster, Work Pro®, and more. Pressure washers are invaluable when it comes to cleaning and maintaining concrete, and our line of commercial power washers is sure to provide an option that’s ideal for both your budget and your project.

Contact Us Today for an Industrial Power Washer

Not sure which commercial power washer is best for your business? Contact our team today and we’ll help you find the power washer that fits all of your needs!

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