New Drum Heating Rack System

SprayWorks Equipment Group unveiled its new heated drum rack transportation system at the SPFA Expo in Dallas. The stationary heated drum rack design allows for contractors to easily install the system in their mobile spray foam rigs and box trucks. The new heated drum transportation system features Hi and Low temperature setting as well as an optional insulated jacket.Barrel Blazer in rig

The optional insulated jacket is best used in extreme cold environments, long distant hauling and for those products that require 90+ degrees. The Drum Heaters allows contractors to maintain heat in the barrels overnight as well as having the option for a boost of heat on those cold days including products that require higher drum temperatures.

The new Barrel Blazer drum heaters are constructed out of high strength aluminum framing making it easy and cost effective to ship. The Barrel Blazer Drum heaters heat your products from the bottom of the drum where it is being pumped from allowing you to quickly process products and in return slowly agitating the drum. Run up to 6 drum units on 110V 20amp outlet. Used for open cell, closed cell spray foam and coatings.

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Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.


  1. My husband has been looking for a new drum heater. Our recently broke and we have been searching and searching for a great replacement and more importantly something that will last. Thank you for sharing this! I can’t wait until we can replace ours.

    • Hi Katie! We appreciate your interest in our drum heater. The Barrel Blazer has a long life and requires little to no upkeep. Feel free to give us a call and one of our specialists would be happy to talk you through some options. We also have one used Barrel Blazer available now. We look forward to speaking with you! 330-587-4141

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