Part 2: Check-listing to Save the Job and your Sanity

Last month we discussed the daily check points that should take place before and when arriving at the job. This month, the focus is on-going checklists that should take place less frequently, but consistently. We’ve prepared weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual and quarterly maintenance inspection lists.

As with daily check points, with the focus being to produce quality results every day, the ongoing list of items require attention. Ongoing checklists are moreso governed by continued use and environmental impacts during operations. Extremely dusty or high temperatures will greatly impact the frequency of maintenance. Taking those factors into account, the templates we have prepared reflect items which may be a result of environmental conditions. The templates do not include critical information such as; make, model, oil type or even part numbers for filters, battery sizes and belts. Adding this type of information to the checklist, as determined by the manufacturer,  will assist in making sure critical information is easily found and accurate. It is also beneficial to post a copy of the checklist in rig books and on file at the office. Some companies have the ability to have maintenance tracking programs however, the most important thing is to be proactive and keep equipment running at peak performance by being consistent with a checklist.

We’ve prepared templates reflecting the weekly/monthly/semi-annual and annual points to reflect common key components of a rig and a simple log. Logs are great for recording oddities like a transfer pump being replaced or a new whip hose being installed. It is important to track equipment that may have additional logging needs and aren’t identified until they break or are found compromised during a periodic inspection.

Click here to download the SPF Rig Preventative Maintenance Log

Click here to download the Simple Maintenance Log

For more production guides see SprayWorks’ recommended tools and SPF daily log sheets.

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