Powerful Guns For Spray Foaming Ensure Immediate Development of Spray Patterns

The guns for foam spraying are considered valuable tools, especially for the application for professionals and insulation contractors. They are essential to the application process of sprayed materials. These guns dispense and apply various mixed materials from proportioning machines. They are also capable of mixing materials during the process of spraying. The process has to happen very quickly, or combined materials start hardening up immediately. For this particular reason, materials are not permitted to be kept inside a spray gun for lengthy periods of time. Full line Graco and PMC spray guns are sold to companies and that include Fusion, AP-EX, AP-2 and AP-1 spray guns.

PMC Spray Guns

The PMC Spray Foam Guns incorporate technology that revolutionized the industry of plural components. In the design of AP-2 spray guns, by combining trigger response that is a rapid output combination, size of the spray pattern that is quick change, superior atomization and a lot more – these features help to enhance the quality of spray. Hence the spray times are better and with more longevity. PMC guns are a product of Polyurethane Machinery Corporation that are the most efficient and cheapest in the Polyurethane industries. These offer a variety of designs including; pole gun that is extended with AP2 at its core, allowing any kind of applicator to reach more than ten feet which helps in reducing time of spray by almost thirty percent and minimizing overspray.

Ergonomically designed Spray AP-2 gun

AP-2 Spray Foam Guns are designed ergonomically for ultra light firm fitting. Within its air cylinders and trigger, shorter strokes of trigger and air ports that are straight forward allow rapid and powerful response to ensure a full spray pattern with each shot. PMC’s combination of two piece mixing and control pattern tips that are quick change, are usually precision drilled for uniform and unique mixing of product – creating atomization of superior kind to maintain the spray pattern fully.

Options for being quickly able to change PCT, provide spray mechanics for chamber size and spray tip without disassembling spray guns so that you are allowed to spend more time perfecting skills and spraying. These help in creating profiles that are aesthetically pleasing and have consistency that result in high quality applications.

Various kinds of testing

In various product tests, meant for marine and military applications, products exceed and meet expected property and physical requirements. There is check valve flow that separates the fluid portion, eliminating any cross contamination of the materials into the air cylinder’s air passages. The Check Valve connection further prevents material mixing in the gun.