Drum-Heating Blankets for Spray Foam Material

At SprayWorks Equipment, we have everything for your commercial and residential insulation needs. As part of this, we design and manufacture 55-gallon drum heaters and drum blankets for your operations. Losing money from bad material is in the past when you utilize drum blankets.  

With over 100 years of experience, you can count on our high-quality equipment that has been designed to keep your material from going bad. We manufacture and distribute barrel heating blankets so that your material is always ready to use. 

Learn more about our drum-heating blankets for spray foam material.

Our Drum-Heating Blanket Capabilities 

Drum-heating blankets give the barrel another layer of protection, so you do not lose the heat that you are putting into it. Ruining or wasting this material could lead to huge money losses. Luckily, with our heated barrel blankets, we set you up for success.  

Some advantages to having a heated barrel blanket include:  

  • Temperature maintenance  
  • Shorter start-up times 
  • Resistance to oil, water, and chemicals  
  • Viscosity regulation  
  • Reduction in electrical consumption  
  • Personnel protection  

The following includes our drum heater and barrel blanket options:  

  • Barrel Blazer Heating Unit – The Barrel Blazer safely heats your material at the bottom of the drum, slowly agitating the material for use.  
  • Desiccant Dryer – If moisture enters the drum, it can clog filters. This product helps remove moisture from the air, after entering the drum.  
  • Blazer TC Unit – This unit enables you to add temperature control to the Barrel Blazer Heating Unit.

SprayWorks Equipment’s barrel blankets come with an open or closed top to offer added insulation on any 55-gallon drum. Our barrel blanket products are efficient and reliable, giving you the best solutions for your needs.  

When it comes to barrel-heating blankets from SprayWorks, our team is dedicated to creating the highest-quality solutions and is here to help with any questions you may have.

Why Choose SprayWorks Equipment for Barrel Heating Blankets?

When you work with our team at SprayWorks, we offer you:  

  • A team of certified experts with over 100 years of industry experience trained to help businesses.
  • The ability to create a rig fit for your business, including free training and ongoing support to set you up for success.
  • A simulated application training site for hands-on experience. You will learn how to maintain equipment, like barrel-heating blankets, as well as troubleshoot, set-up, teardown and operate your rig.
  • All of the equipment and parts you need, including PMC, Graco, IPM, 3M, Allegro and much more!
  • We offer material available in-store for pickup or shipped to your location. These materials include: Open Cell, Closed Cell, Roofing Foam, Polyuera and more!  

Customer satisfaction is the building block of our company. With our innovative thinking, experienced leadership, and commitment to quality, we’ve created trustworthy relationships with our customers by helping them attain their drum-heating blanket needs.  

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