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Spray Foam Rigs and Spray Foam Trailers

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Spray Foam Rigs and Spray Foam Trailers

Portable Rig Series is designed for low to medium-output type projects and any application where portability and basic operation is preferred.

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Economy Rig Series is designed for the budget minded contractor. Ideal for small residential and large commercial type SPF or Polyurea projects.

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High Production Rig Series is our most popular turn-key system. Designed for the serious minded spray foam contractor maximizing production and yields.

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SMART Rig Series offers the most data for your investment. Including SMART Machines designed with added capability, these rigs help refine job quotes and quickly identify loss in resources.

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Custom Rig Series is built for multipurpose use; from multi-crew to government projects, SprayWorks can customize any rig to fulfill your specific needs.

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Spray Foam Rigs with Quality PMC, Graco, and SprayWorks Equipment’s Machines

SprayWorks’ spray foam rigs are custom designed with our material applicators in mind. To fulfill the needs of our customers, our experts build spray foam rigs with quality USA-made spray foam insulation equipment. As experts in the industry, we understand the needs of your spray foam rig or spray foam insulation rig, and care just as much about the delivery of your projects as you do.

We build spray foam insulation trailers and rigs ranging from eco-friendly shore-powered rigs to extra-large master-sized rigs. Each rig is equipped to your specs or set up as a turn-key rig.

Rigs can be custom made to accommodate a fifth wheel, standard trailer, hitch, or box truck. Additionally, each spray foam insulation rig is constructed with strict guidelines and is engineered for superior high performance.

Our Selection of Spray Foam Rigs and Spray Foam Trailers

SprayWorks Equipment’s portable, economy, high-production, SMART, and custom series spray foam trailers and box trucks are spaciously designed and built for high-end production, which helps to maximize your profits. We’ve done extensive research and testing to provide the most advanced technology available in a mobile spray foam rig. Each rig can also come equipped with a Barrel Blazer heating system and the Spraybot robotic system.

All of our mobile spray rigs are sprayed with closed-cell foam from top to bottom, insulating your turn-key investment. The interiors are lined with a bright white wall or chrome interior wall with florescent lighting, which creates maximum visibility and a bright workspace. Each spray foam rig includes a full day of training plus phone support.


Specialized training for your project applications

Each rig includes training for you and your team, with special emphasis on your area of business. Our expert trainers will teach you how to apply the material in a simulated project setting.

Customized quote from an expert

Our spray foam rig and spray foam trailer quotes aren't computer generated. They are customized for your specific needs, based on the rigs we offer and the budget you require. Each quote includes a personal consultation from our certified experts.

Ongoing spray foam trailer and spray foam rig support 24/7

We realize the real world presents unknown challenges when you're on a real worksite. We continue to be available for questions and phone support, after you start your first job to ensure there are no delays on your project.

High-quality materials and equipment

We use the best equipment in the industry. Our Graco, PMC, IPM, and the inventory at SprayWorks Equipment are all-time and quality tested to ensure the best results and efficient application over time.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our rigs are built by the best, however, if you ever experience an unexpected issue with your rig, our team will make your rig a top priority to ensure it is up to SprayWorks Equipment standards.

Superior Service
We've been in this industry for a long time, so that means there is no machine or equipment too difficult for us to work on. We'll provide the most economical solution to create longevity in your equipment.
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SprayWorks' team is knowledgable and ready to help you in selecting the right equipment and rig for your business needs.

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Compare Our Spray Foam Rigs with the Competition

SprayWorks Equipment offers a unique system for its spray foam rigs and coatings rigs. Our certified experts understand what it takes to build a rig for the Polyurethane industry. Training and ongoing tech support are always included. See the SprayWorks Equipment difference when you shop for spray foam rigs and spray foam trailers!

Contact Us Today for Spray Foam Rigs and Spray Foam Trailers

We have in-house spray foam rig specialists who are ready to discuss your business’s needs. Contact our spray foam rig and equipment sales team today to learn what type of rig is best for your company. We can’t wait to work with you and provide you with a reliable spray foam trailer!