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Commercial Roofing > 10,000 sf

Roads & Bridges

Open Cell or Closed Cell

Polyurea Application

High Production Rig Series – Spray Foam Rigs and Coatings Trailers

SprayWorks’ High Production Rig Series (formerly the Master Rig Series) mobile foam and polyurea spray rig is the classic professional level, turnkey spray rig solution. Equipped with the industry’s leading spray foam manufactures (PMC and Graco), the High Production Rig’s spacious design can be outfitted with the most reliable diesel powered generators and hydraulic driven spray foam and polyurea proportioners in the industry. Our contractors frequently work on high volume roads, bridges, and commercial roofs in excess of 40,000 square feet.

Best known for its reliability, our High Production Rig delivers the most consistent performance and is the most popular spray rig we offer.

While strictly adhering to the industry’s most trusted name brands in foam and polyurea equipment, the High Production Rig can be customized in trailers or box trucks 16ft and larger. With the capability of up to 410ft of heated spray hose, choose from a 2,000 PSI proportioner or 3,500 PSI spray machine from PMC or Graco. To further enhance this mobile spray foam rig, we added more cabinet space and installed Polyurea flooring to protect your investment for years to come.

Standard Features:

  • Trailer, Box Truck or Container
  • Spray Foam Machine
  • Spraybot w/ Wind Screen (optional)
  • Barrel Blazer Heaters (2)
  • Polyurea Sprayed Flooring
  • Spray Foam Gun
  • Spray Foam Hose
  • Transfer Pumps (2)
  • Diesel Generator (25kw-or-45KW Standard)
  • Electric Air Compressor (5-10 HP Standard)
  • Triple Barrel Brace Racks (2)
  • Hose Hanger (310’ Standard)
  • Hankison Air Dryer (20-35 CFM Standard)
  • Tool Box Set
  • 2 Worker Allegro Fresh Air System
  • (4) 3M Half Mask
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 110v Shore Power
  • 110v Outlets
  • Over Head Lights
  • Pump Lube Holders
  • Breaker Box
  • Air Regulator
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Exterior Fuel Filler
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hand Drum Dolly
  • Spray Foam Training School