SPF Series Rig

The Brand New! SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) 16ft Series spray on insulation spray foam rig from SprayWorks combines power, performance, durability and versatility in a compact cost effective solution defining “What is a spray foam rig” and what you would expect the experience to be.

Designed with the customer in mind – the SPF 16ft Series Spray Foam Trailer features the PMC PH-25 Hydraulic Spray Foam Machine with stroke up and down counters allowing the contractor to track project product yields while at the same time preventing the equipment from running out of material.

Combine this with the features of the AP-2 spray gun will enable you to quickly change output to pattern size combinations without disassembly of the spray gun giving you more of a precise application and spray size choices. Choose from round and fan spray tips and for those hard to reach areas use the blaster tip and spray up to 15ft away!


The SPF-16ft spray foam rig is also built in a turn-key 12ftV nose trailer called the SPF-12V spray foam rig. The SPF Series Spray Foam Rigs are designed for low power consumption allowing the contractor to use the supplied generator to power other components at the same time! If you are looking for power, peak performance, durability and versatility at a price you can afford, the SPF-Series mobile spray foam rig is how to get started in the spray foam insulation business.

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SPF-16ft Spray Foam Rigs For Sale $39,986 SPF-12ft V Spray Foam Rigs For Sale $37,998
 spf16ft-spf-sprayfoam-rig-layout-s  spf12ftV-spf-sprayfoam-rig-layout-s


The SPF-Series Spray Foam Rig Features and Advantages:

  • 16ft 10,000 GVWR Trailer: Fully insulated with 2lb closed cell spray foam, Bright white interior, Ramp and Side Door, Hose Door Access , 110v shore power, Meets US and Canada DOT requirements, : 3 year warranty, Can be built in a 12ft V 7,000 GVWR Trailer and or Box Trucks!
  • Spray Foam Equipment: PH-20 Spray foam machine, Easy to Operate and Maintain, Hydraulic driven assures you a smooth continuous flow of material and pressure to the spray gun. Sprays Open and Closed cell Spray Foams , polyureas , Open Frame Design, Light Weight, Direct Drive, Relay logic technology, Digital controllers, Tracks Product Yields and Prevents from running out of materials at the same time, Made in the USA! Manufactures Warranty!
  • Low Power Consumption: Allows user to power other components at the same time with supplied generator!
  • Heated Spray Hose: Unique heated hose system design features a copper weave element to provide full hose circumference coverage for more efficient heating!
  • Temperature Sensor Unit (TSU): Universal design fits all heated hose assemblies. The TSU unit is designed to allow the user to replace only the TSU probe without having the hassle of disconnecting spray hose.
  • AP-2 Spray Gun: Light Weight! Rapid trigger response! Immediate spray pattern development! Multiple output to pattern size combinations! Change spray tip size without dissembling the spray gun! Cross Contamination Protection!

Free Training with 24 Hour Tech Support!

Optional Polyurea Flooring – Optional Recirculation System – Optional Barrel Blazer Drum Heaters

 SPF-12ftV and SPF-16ft Series Mobile Spray Foam Rigs Key Features:

  • 16ft 10,000 GVW Trailer
  • PMC PH-20 Spray Foam Machine
  • AP-2 Spray Gun
  • Heated Spray Foam Hose
  • 1/4″ X 10ft heated whip hose
  • 2:1 Transfer Pumps
  • Portable Generator
  • Portable Compressor
  • Barrel Brace Racks
  • Hose Hanger
  • Hankison Air Dryer
  • Tool Box
  • Over Head Cabinet
  • Allegro Fresh Air System
  • 110v Shore Power
  • 110v Outlets
  • Over Head Light
  • Safety Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Drum Dolly
  • And much more….

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