Spraybot – Automated Spray Foam Machine

Automated Spray Robots for Roofing, Bridges, Highways, Panels, and more

Spraybot UltraAs pioneers in the development of automated equipment for spray applications, SprayWorks offers cutting edge technology for both on-site and in-plant operations.

Why Automated Spray Robots?

Designed to apply a wide range of spray applied membranes, the cross section profiles achieved are precise with accurate millage. This means tolerances are achieved lending to the materials being installed in a cured film that replicates the desired model during each and every use. Automation minimizes employee fatigue, allowing two-man teams to easily operate an automated spray robot. Using automated equipment that controls accurate millage every time, helps to save 10% or more in yield, a money-saving alternative.


Increase Yield by 10% or More with an Automated Spray Foam Machine

Benefits of using automated equipment:

  • There is a savings on material because of installing accurate thicknesses hour after hour and job after job.
  • Bidding will become more accurate.
  • It is more acceptability to a building owner, consultant or specifier to use a robot.
  • Saves on man power and fatigue from repetitive motion syndrome.
  • Years of experience are not required to operate the equipment or install a good looking roof and accurate thickness of materials.
  • Machines can out perform the human in quality and quantity most of the time.
  • Contractors have reported saving substantial amounts of money on their first projects and are able to pay for the equipment within a job or two.

Differences between fixed and variable width applicators:

Customized robotic application equipment for roadways, bridges, roofs or in-plant high performance liquid applied materials.  SprayWorks Equipment group meets the unique demands of an ever changing and challenging industry with our many patents and out of the box creativity.


  • Waterproofing: Contractors are able to easily polyurea products to many different types of substrates. Parking decks, roads, flooring, floor repair, and membranes – to name a few.
  • Roofing: The Spraybot is lightweight, weighing only 340 pounds, and the spray head is easily removed for easy transport onto commercial-sized roofs. Click here to see the Spraybot in action on a metal roof.
  • Bridges: Our automated spray robots have been used on some of the largest ridge projects throughout the country, including Nashville’s Fast Fix 8. It cuts down on application time and minimizes the amount of crew members needed for the coatings portion of projects.


The Spraybot’s spray head can be dismantled and attached to alternate structures to accommodate any projects that doesn’t allow for use of the cart, including; geothermal coatings projects, pipes, and tanks.

  • Geo
  • Pipes
  • Tanks

Utility Applicators

  • Spraybot® Ultra
  • BDM Applicator
  • Passbot

Spraybot original      Spraybot original

Save 10% or more on material yield.


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