Become an Expert in Spray Foam Equipment and Application Techniques at SprayWorks Equipment

SprayWorks Equipment provides, not only the best spray foam equipment, but also quality spray foam application training in our classroom, on your job site, or even online. When getting started with a new business venture, training is instrumental to assure proper guidelines are met. SprayWorks provides solutions for the ongoing challenges by utilizing solid fundamentals learned from time-tested and experienced professionals.

We have 3 types of learning programs

Free Online Spray Foam Training

SprayWorks offers free spray foam training online, which is a convenient way for contractors and applicators to get the information they need to make their SPF businesses a success. Our courses are intended as an introduction to spray foam and polyurea coatings. Our online spray foam insulation training is completely free, and only requires potential spray foam technicians to register prior to beginning the course.

On-Site Spray Foam Training

Our spray foam insulation on-site training starts with the very basics of equipment management. We’ll teach you and your team how to operate and maintain the SPF equipment. Our insulation training provides basic spray foam equipment troubleshooting, proportioner service and gun maintenance, as well as proper start-up and shut-down of equipment.

In-Class Training for Small or Large Teams Looking to Learn the Spray Foam or Coating Business

SprayWorks Spray Foam School is a hands-on interactive training program. Students will learn project management, equipment maintenance, how to process chemicals, application techniques for spraying foams and coatings. They also will learn methods to market their business as a foam and coatings contractor. SprayWorks Spray Foam School students will better understand the technical aspect of the equipment, giving them confidence to overcome obstacles.


SprayWorks Equipment Group is a spray foam and polyurea company; supplying equipment, training, material, mobile rigs, and parts – and a distributor for PMC, Graco, and Gusmer equipment. With nearly 100 years of combined experience, SprayWorks has knowledge in commercial and residential buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. SprayWorks provides training and education for new contractors and equipment operators; open cell, closed cell, polyurea & coating applications for interior & exterior building envelope design, waterproofing, below grade, bridge deck, barge, secondary containment all types of roofs and structures.