Spray Foam Hoses Must Be Maintained With Care

Insulation is an important way of minimizing energy use in any building. Spray foam insulation is one such insulation that is most effective for buildings. There are machines that are used for insulating walls and rooms. You will need proper tools for these machines and the spray foam hose is one such part that is required for perfect insulation. The corresponding parts of the machine should be of good quality and the hoses are therefore very important. The hoses are connected to the gun and the machine. The hose has separate streams for ‘A’ side and ‘B’ side – in order to prevent material crossover. The chemicals are heated and then reach the gun where they mix and form a reaction. This results in spray foam for insulation and adheres on its own.

Maintenance of the hose

Choosing the right manufacturer so that you can buy proper hoses for the job at hand, is an important part of the process. After buying the hoses, you should use the Spray Foam Hoses with care so that they are not damaged. The damage can be caused by –

  • Sharp objects
  • Scuff jackets that are already torn – exposing the proper hose for more damage.
  • Large and heavy equipment that may run the hoses over.
  • Proper handling of the temperature when the foam is being formed.

You must make sure the workers for the insulation maintain the Spray Foam Hoses with good care so that it is not damaged while setting up of machine or while placing the parts in their proper place after the work is completed. Proper flushing at the end of the job will help to prevent crystallization inside the hose.

Construction of the hose

The hose that you need for your insulation machine should be a heated hose. This has a copper wire wrapped around the whole length of the hose and then the copper wire is encased in a scuff jacket. The wire gets low voltage electricity and this electricity extends the length of the hose to allow heat generation within the hose. The heat is then transferred by conduction to the liquid that flows inside the hose. The scuff jacket is for protection of the hose and its liquid. The jacket also acts as a preventive measure against moisture creeping into the hose. When moisture gets access to chemical, moisture will react with the chemical that runs within the hose and cause crystallization – effectively destroying material.

Use of the hose

The contractors who work with the spray foam machine should know how to keep the long length of the hose from damaging. The hose is long and it should be carried so that it can be used on the roofs or on the top floors of the building. There are preventive ways in which one has to carry the hose – when carried inside the building or on the other floors. Get the workers or contractors properly trained so that they use the hose with proper care and required technique. Generally the distributing company will provide proper training but you need to choose such company while buying the hose. This way the hose and other equipment will also get proper care and best usage. The machine parts will last longer and your work will become smoother as a result.