Spray Foam Kits are a Good Way to Insulate Homes for Energy Savings

When you find there are cracks and nicks on the walls or beside the faucet, insulation is a good option to seal and prevent air leakage or water damage. Air leaks welcome unwanted air inside your home. When cracks are not sealed properly, your energy bills will go skyrocketing and the AC will work require more power and vice versa for the heating system – which will also have to suck in more power to properly heat your rooms. Insulating your home with spray foam insulation will help to resolve these issues.

Spray foam insulation saves energy

Spray foam insulation is used in different areas and in varied settings. You may find spray foam insulation is used in cold storage or in new buildings that are being constructed. The layer of insulation provides a protective system from the heat of the summer time or from cold during the winter. When you use insulation on the walls, you make sure that the building does not expend more energy than is needed for heating or cooling purpose based on the area you are in. You will need a Spray Foam Kit for insulating the rooms or the building. When your spray foam seals the air leaks, the air movement becomes very low and insulation can then save up to 20% of your energy bill amount.

Types of Kits

You may want to check the ingredients of the Spray Foam Kit for insulation purpose. These kits are mostly portable and can help in gap filling project in a great way. There are few types of kits for different area and requirements. They are:

  • 1 component foam sealant – This sealant is for high performance and helps in moisture curing. The polyurethane foam is used to permanently seal and prevent air movement and therefore they also keep out moisture and insects coming through cracks. The energy saving sealant is best for sealing plumbing penetrations, electrical junctions, ventilation ducts and outlets for different electrical purpose. This is also used to seal the gaps and cracks beside concrete slabs.
  • 2 Component Foam Sealant – This one is another type of insulation kit that is disposable and comes with pressurized chemical filled cylinder. This cylinder is filled with polyurethane spray foam and there is no need to apply external pressure for the compressors. This one is good for repair works and for renovation work. The new installations of different machines often create cracks and this can fill it up too.

Using the Kit

There are some special ways to use the kit for insulation. You will need safety goggles and proper rubber gloves for using the kit. You must know the right way to apply the spray foam and you will need some tools too. They are:

  1. Spray foam kit for insulation purpose
  2. Bullet heater
  3. Wrench
  4. Goggles and gloves

You need to check the insulation kit to be sure the temperature of foam is 65 – 80 degree Fahrenheit. Clean the surface where you are going to spray the foam. It should be free of dust or debris. Use the wrench to apply the hose to the tank of the foam and then open the valves for spraying. First spray a thin layer and then let it dry. Then ensure that the area is safely sealed and then apply again if there are any missed areas, once it has cured. Finally dry the area and clean the hose and detach it. Store the kit in a safe place.