Trusted and Time-Tested Polyurethane Products and Equipment

Our Equipment is Specially Designed by Trusted Manufacturers

We understand industries change and needs change. Your business depends on having a trusted expert guide you in the spray foam and polyurea equipment you need. From automated machines to on-site training and custom mobile rigs, SprayWorks has what you need to get the job done and get it done right!

We are a turn-key supplier that understands success is heavily weighted on service. What sets us apart is the quality of our service and the quality of our products. We approach this by providing rugged, dependable and easily maintained equipment / supplies – coupled with insightful instruction at an affordable price. SprayWorks manufactures in-plant and turnkey mobile spray rigs, mechanical application machines, and accessories for polyurethane foam, polyurea, single component, plural component, and multi component application machines and accessories. Our applications include spray foam insulation, spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF), polyurea liners and much more.

Our trusted and time-tested manufacturers include; Polymac-USA (PMC), Graco Allegro Industries, Spraybot, Barrel Blazer, IPM, and Titan.


Our custom and pre-designed rigs are engineered to perform in any climate zone.



With a wide variety of spray guns, proportioners, automated machinery, and more - we can support any project needs.

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We offer Acrylic Coatings, Urethane Coatings, Silicone Coatings, and Polyurea Coating.

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We carry a variety of used parts and equipment - refurbished to operate like new.

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Learn More About How Our Spray Foam and Polyurea Products Work

Below are just a few videos from our video library. If you’d like to learn how our spray foam and coatings equipment works or just see it in action, take a look at our videos below.  For more videos, feel free to visit our YouTube page and like us, share, and view more videos.

Overspray Release

M-16 Spray Rig and Mobile Trailer

Spraybot® – Automated Spray Foam and Coatings Spray Machine