Online Spray Foam Training

Free Online Spray Foam Training

SprayWorks offers free spray foam training online, which is a convenient way for contractors and applicators to get the information they need to make their SPF businesses a success. Our courses are intended as an introduction to spray foam and polyurea coatings. Our online spray foam insulation training is completely free, and only requires potential spray foam technicians to register prior to beginning the course. Once registered, you’re able to come back whenever you need to complete the course, which is perfect for busy contractors, as you can set your own schedule. Our online spray foam training requires a total score of 80% or higher to pass the course, and comes with an official completion certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Spray Foam Training

1. How to become a spray foam technician?

Once you understand the benefits of incorporating spray foam applications into your business, you’ll want to receive rigorous training that includes certification. Choosing the right spray foam training is crucial, which is why SprayWorks online spray foam is a great option. Our courses teach both the business side and the safety and equipment maintenance aspects of spray foam applications. We recommend following up the course with a free online Chemical Health and Safety Certification. American Chemistry Council and Center for the Polyurethanes Industry have partnered to create a free online course that we will provide a link to once you complete SprayWorks’ online training course.

2. What is included in online spray foam training?

Our free spray foam training is perfect for technicians looking to start out. We include tutorials, quizzes, and photos of real projects. Our comprehensive spray foam training lessons will teach you the basics of what you need to know to become a certified spray foam technician. If you receive an 80% or higher, you’ll pass the course and receive a certificate.

3. What kind of jobs can a spray foam technician get?

The construction industry is growing, and the demand for trained, certified spray foam technicians is expanding as well. Spray foam technicians can expect to work in either commercial or residential sector applying insulation in buildings, roofs, and other substrate. Spray foam technicians that receive equipment training can apply polyurethane coatings as well, sealing bed liners, roofs, and other applications.

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