In-Classroom Spray Foam Training

Hands-On Interactive Spray Foam Training Classes for Spray Foam Application for Small and Large Groups

Whether you’re an industry veteran, hiring new employees, or just getting into the business with a complete, new spray foam rig or spray foam system, our spray foam school is structured to make your spray foam application business successful.

Our spray foam training classes are straightforward and our goal is to see you succeed in business. Your full investment from spray foam training is applied to your equipment or rig purchase. Training needs do not stop in the classroom. SprayWorks Equipment is just a phone call away and includes ongoing support as you begin using your equipment or encounter unknown issues.

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How to start an insulation business?

A Rich Spray Foam School Experience Designed for Businesses Like Yours

Sadly, most foam schools only teach sales and business tips from salesmen looking to sell equipment. At SprayWorks Equipment, we chose to do it better. You will learn everything from tips and tricks of the trade to spraying foam in our OSHA-approved polyurethane facility with the guidance of our certified experts.

From processing chemicals, equipment maintenance and spray techniques in our simulated construction site to business training, including estimating and sales, SprayWorks Equipment is the only training solution that you will need.

Our Training Locations

We have two spray foam training locations. Our primary training facility located in Canton, Ohio and the second location in Lakewood, New Jersey.
4211 Karg Industrial Pkwy
Kent, OH 44240

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Our Spray Foam Training Program

Here is a brief breakdown of core concepts both our On-Site and SprayWorks Spray Foam School Training programs offer:

  • Project Management
  • Equipment start-up and shut-down
  • Proportioner service and gun maintenance
  • Processing chemicals
  • Operating equipment
  • Basic spray foam equipment troubleshooting
  • Polyurethane foam and coatings application methods for multiple substrates
Spray Foam Training Classroom