Starting a Polyurea Spray-On Truck Bed Liners Business

If you’re looking to start a new business, spray-on truck bed liners is a high-demand business.

How to Start a Spray-On Bed Liner Business

Starting any business comes with a huge commitment and the spraying of chemicals emphasizes a big responsibility on safety for you, your workers, and your customer. However, with the right training, safely starting a polyurea bed liner business can be done in days.

Get Spray-In Bed Liner Training

The first step in starting a business involving chemicals is getting the proper training for you and your team. Having a certified expert in the field is imperative to properly understanding how to use equipment, maintain equipment, and apply material. At SprayWorks, we teach you safety first. With our personalized approach we will address your questions and make sure you are prepared to start your business with confidence. During our one or two-day sessions you will work with real equipment that is used on the job-site, learn how to maintain the equipment, and apply real material in our training room.

Material Needed for Polyurea Bed Liner Applications

The material used to spray-on a truck bedliner is commonly referred to as “Polyurea”. Polyurea and polyurea hybrids are plural component materials that create a secure and durable coat of material designed to last for years. The Polyurea material is sprayed at high temperatures and high pressure creating a thick self-adhering rubber vapor barrier. There are a number of Polyurea material manufacturers to choose from, but we can recommend materials for you.

Reaching Customers That Are Looking for Polyurea Truck Bed Liners

Finding your target market for polyurea bed liners is key. Think about whether you want to work at the customer’s location or solely in your shop. Having customers come to you eliminates any additional steps required to prevent chemical exposure. Spraying polyurea inside your shop allows you to create a consistent and safe atmosphere with proper PPE. Finally, how far do you want to reach customers? Someone located two hours away may not be as likely to travel to your location as someone that is 30 minutes away.

Equipment Needed for Polyurea Truck Bed Liners

For spraying polyurea bed liners, you will need high pressure plural component equipment. SprayWorks provides the industry’s leading equipment at an affordable price. Training is always free with your equipment purchase.

  1. The Foam Jack is a multi-use compact “all in one” type equipment option. Designed to process plural component fixed ratio materials like spray foams, polyureas and epoxies, the Foam Jack allows you to simply transport your equipment on an easy-to-move wheeled cart. Whether you’re going to the customer’s location or spraying inside your warehouse, the Foam Jack will provide everything you need. The Foam Jack can also be used on larger projects where polyurea are utilized such as containments and floor coatings. (material not included)
  2. Industry leading Graco and PMC proportioning pump units. Often referred to as an equipment package, this A la Carte approach allows for the most options and customizations.
  3. Finally, the Graco Turnkey Integrated Powerstation is a complete high-powered system that can also be used for commercial roofs over 10,000 square feet and other waterproofing projects. It can be transported in a small box truck or trailer. (material not included)

Get started with your Spray-On Bed Liner business today!