High Performance Overspray Release from SprayWorks Equipment Group

SprayWorks Equipment Group is well known for bringing quality products at affordable pricing to the spray foam industry, from mobile spray foam rigs, barrel blazer drum heaters, the SprayBot and PMC spray foam equipment, just to name a few.

SprayWorks introduces a high performance Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release agent that is a clear spray-on silicone mold release and lubricant combined. SprayWorks Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release is designed specifically for use on spray foam insulation equipment, like lends covers, mask, spray guns, machines and hoses, making foam removal a snap.

Overspray Release as a lubricantSpray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release is also a lubricant; lubricate internal and external components on and in your spray guns. Use SprayWorks Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release when rebuilding spray foam equipment, pre lubricating piston shafts and seals before reassembly. Apply Spray Foam Mechanic Overspray Release to piston shafts before, during and after usage to further extend the life of seals.

Pre-lubricate gun parts, O-Rings and much more……

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Spray Foam Rig Testimonial

Another spray foam rig from SprayWorks Equipment Group exceeds customers expectations.


We received our spray rig today, I must say Sprayworks not only met our expectations but surpassed them by a long shot. The attention to detail is phenomenal, the layout is all business and well thought out.

I would definitely recommend sprayworks rigs to any company from established companies to new up incoming alike.

The sales staff is great to deal with and knowledgeable.

Thanks again

Don Fraser
Project Manager
M&L General Contracting LTD

See more spray foam equipment and spray rigs from SprayWorks Equipment Group:


Spray Foam Machine Promo Extended

PMCs PH-20 Spray Foam Machine Promo Extended!

PMC has announced a deadline extension for the PH-20 Spray Foam Machine promotional offer until 3/29/13. New to the spray foam business and existing contractors have already taken advantage of huge saving with this exciting offer. Additional Bonus Items Included From SprayWorks Equipment Group.

PMCs PH-20 Hydraulic Spray Foam Machine

AP-2 Spray Gun

3/8’ X 50ft Heated Spray Hose with TC

1/4′ X 10ft Heated Whip Hose

2:1 Transfer Pumps with 3/4 X 15ft A & B Fluid Lines

Spare Mixing Chamber and Spray Tip

Complete O-Ring Rebuild Kit

Only $18,750.

Training Free!

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Spray Foam Equipment Package

SPECIAL PH-20 Hydraulic Foam Machine Package!


Take advantage of PMC’s SPFA ’13 Show Special and receive promotional pricing on a special package including the NEW PH-20. Order by 3/15/13 and receive:

  • PH 20 Hydraulic Spray Foam Machine
  • 2:1 Transfer Pumps
  • 3/4 X 15ft A & B Fluid Lines
  • 50’ Low Pressure T/C Hose
  • 10’ High Pressure Whip
  • AP-2 Gun Package
  • Extra Mixing Chamber & Spray Tip of Choice
  • Complete O-ring Rebuild Kit
  • Free Training!

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New spray foam and coating machine series from PMC

The PH-20 and the PHX-20 series machines are designed to bring the spray foam and coatings industry a low cost effective alternative hydraulic spray machine compared to electric and air driven spray foam equipment systems.

The machines are designed based on relay logic technology with 2,000 PSI to 3,000 PSI options including single phase and 3 phase modules. The PH-20 offers a powerful hydraulic drive system providing a superior and consist flow of fluid pressure to the spray gun.

Other features the PH-20 offers are individual hybrid (A) & (B) Pre-Heaters allowing for total independent temperature control of your products giving you the flexibility to fine tune spray foam and coating manufacturing. The PH-20 takes you to another level with its stroke up and down cycle counters.

This provides the ability to track product yields while preventing the machine from running out of material at the same time! This eliminates the continuous need to monitor material levels in your spray foam rig while spraying.

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2013 SPFA Convention & Expo

Visit SprayWorks Equipment Group at the 2013 SPFA Convention & Expo, Booth #712 in Jacksonville, Florida, February 12th – 15th. Discover the difference and see the latest line of spray foam equipment from PMC. Try your hand out on the new AP-2 Spray Gun.

We will also be unveiling an exciting new line of mobile spray foam rig series combining peak performance, durability and versatility in a compact low cost turnkey solution. Other item’s you won’t want to miss from SprayWorks are the Barrel Blazer Drum Heaters and the unveiling of the 2013 module SprayBot.  See you there!

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2012 ICAA Convention & Trade Show

SprayWorks Equipment Group will be exhibiting at the 2012 Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA) Booth #94 in Dallas,TX at the Hyatt Regency.  On display from SprayWorks will be PMCs PH-series spray foam machines, Transfer Pumps, heated Hoses, Barrel Blazer Drum Heaters, SprayBot, Mobile spray foam rigs, and the New AP-2 Spray Gun.

Receive show discounts on all spray foam equipment Oct 4th through the 6th.

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Spray Foam Equipment For Sale

Choosing the right spray foam equipment takes more home work than you might think.

When you purchase a spray foam machine or that new spray foam rig, remember that when you use that equipment you are manufacturing the products on-site thus becoming the manufacture. Understanding how a spray foam machine works and how the processing of chemicals works can greatly impact your decision when making that purchase.

Let’s look at manufacturing a 2lb closed cell spray foam for example. The first thing is to understand that from the drums through the spray foam machine and on out to the spray gun temperatures plays a major factor in the process including the density’s manufactured and expected yields of the products you are purchasing.

Manufactures product data sheets have all of the testing posted that gives you drum temperatures, Viscosity’s Density’s, R-Value’s, Spray foam machine settings, storage and so on. This testing is all based on processing the products in a controlled environment.

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Spray Foam Machine Special Promotion

PMC is known for manufacturing high end quality spray foam and coating machines “made in the USA” located in Lakewood NJ. PMC offers a special promotion to the industry throughout the month of April.

Purchase a classic GH-40 machine and receive an auxiliary equipment package for “FREE” giving you an incredible value! “Designed with the customer in mind” The GH-40 hydraulic proportioner is offered in two models with outputs of 40 lbs/min at pressures up to 2000 psi and outputs of 2.5 gpm at pressures up to 3500 psi and include Relay logic Controls, Passive High Capacity Hydraulic System, Easy Hose Heat Tap settings adjust up to 410ft, Open Frame design combined with a serviceable temperature sensor unit (TSU).

Featured in PMC’s April Special Promotional auxiliary Free equipment package consist of a section of 50ft heated hose with scuff jacket, a uniquely system design that features a copper weave heating element to provide full hose coverage along with a 10ft heated whip hose. Also included is and AP-1 Spray Foam and Polyurea Gun.

The AP-1 Spray Gun is designed with a 360° rotational spray head, quick change mixing chambers, easy access to internal parts along with an innovative air cap design to prevent chemical build up in the tip. This fabulous offer includes a complete package of spray polyurethane foam accessories to benefit the seasoned professional or for customers just starting out in the spray polyurethane foam and coatings industry.

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