Taking Care and Proper Cleaning will Add Life to your Spray Foam Guns

When you are using a spray foam gun, you must make sure you follow some tips so that the gun remains in good working condition for a long time. This will give you a gun that you can use with ease for a long period and be satisfied with its work. The tips for keeping the gun in its best condition:

  1. Cleaning of the gun – Clean the gun so that it can be stored without any foreign material or chemicals inside it. The mixing chamber, where the chemicals are mixed, needs thorough cleaning. The pin vise is a good thing to use for this and you should clean it after every 10-15 minutes while at work.
  2. Greasing after the work – Apply grease and lubricant to your gun so that the gun remains well-oiled and smooth for working.
  3. Clean the exterior – The Spray Foam Guns must be cleaned from the outside so that it remains in best working condition. Remove any excess spray foam from the exterior of the gun after each use.
  4. Internal wet chemicals – The chemicals deposited inside the gun must also be cleaned regularly. A standard grease and lubricant will work best.

There are some things that you must avoid while you are using Spray Foam Guns. These are to be followed to – for better maintenance of the gun. These are:

Soaking in just any cleaner – You should never open the parts of the gun to soak them in just any cleaner. Use a cleaner, such as Dynalube, that is designed for this use. Especially the o-rings and the plastic areas must not be placed in any solvent for any reason – this will result in damage of fragile parts.

Drill bit must be twisted in – The drill bit must be taken out or pushed in by twisting it and not by just shoving and pushing it in. The part is fragile and there are chances that it might break if one shoves it inside with more pressure than it can take or uses the wrong size drill bit. Taking it out may also become a big problem – if it breaks inside the chamber.

Be careful when using sandpaper for scraping – Scraping of the side seals or the mixing chambers or any other parts of the gun is helpful to remove any remaining particles. However, doing it correctly will be the difference in your gun working properly. Be sure to lubricate it with WD-40 or similar, then use a fine grit sandpaper and move the paper in a figure-8 motion to prevent scratching.

Caring is a must

You can use a gun cleaner for cleaning the gun. Use a foam gun cleaner and clean the debris into a wastebin that is safe for chemical waste.