The AP-2 Spray Gun Operation and Usability

SprayWorks Equipment offers a full line of PMC and Graco spray guns that include AP-EX, AP-3, AP-2, and AP-1 besides the Fusion spray guns. The technology of PMC revolutionized the industry of plural component in the design of AP-2 spray gun with a combination of the rapid response of trigger, superior atomization and quick spray change pattern size to the output combination. This also results in longer times of spray. If you are looking for the most efficient and cheapest guns then the PMC ones are the ones to root for. These spray guns have innovative technology offered as well as great performance. Just like the PMC guns of spray, fusion gun spray is the component plural system.

Extended gun pole offered

Any spray foam equipment like PMC offers an extended gun pole that has been designed keeping AP-EX at the core that allows in making the applicators reach more than ten feet, minimizing the over spraying while also reducing the time of spray by almost more than thirty percent.

AP-2 is meant for ultimate performance of application spray

This spray foam equipment’s one has been designed ergonomically for firm fitting that is ultra-light. Within the air cylinders and trigger, the air ports that are straightforward besides the short trigger strokes allow a rapidly powerful response ensuring the full pattern of spray with each shot. PMC’s two-piece of mixing combination chambers as well as PCT is all precision-drilled for uniformly and uniquely blending the mix of the product, creating superior quality atomization that maintains the full spray pattern.

Application of top quality

The provision of having the PCT changed quickly, provides spray mechanic the choice for changing spray tip and also the size without the disassembly of spray gun that allows more time spent for perfecting the skills and spraying consistency. It creates profiles that are aesthetically pleasing thus resulting in top-notch quality applications.

Used for product testing

This AP-2 gun spray is used for testing in the marine and military applications. It is utilized specifically so that products exceed and meet chemical manufactures and expected requirements of the physical property. Check valve flow back separates dry side from the fluid portion in the gun thus eliminating cross-contamination of the material.

Fast change-out

This cross-contamination is well prevented in the air cylinder’s air passage along with the assembly of trigger handle. The mixing ball of the chamber and the socket connection makes for faster change-out and eliminates assemblies that are screw-type.

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