Spray Foam Insulation Machines for Sale

While the cost of spray foam insulation may initially be higher for homeowners and businesses, because of its durability and reduction in energy costs, opting for spray foam insulation can actually save money in the future. Spray foam insulation is available in two different types: open-cell and closed-cell. Knowing which option is right for your project is essential to accurate application and longevity.

The type of spray foam insulation you chose depends on where you are applying it – interior or exterior – and the R-value you wish to achieve. The R-value is the measurement of the insulation resistance to heat flow, and the greater the number per unit thickness, the better it is at keeping air out.


Closed-cell spray foam has a higher R-value than open cell foam, averaging around R-6 and R-3.5 respectively. No matter which spray foam you use, it will always have a higher R-value than traditional fiberglass insulation or blown insulation.

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Our spray foam insulation experts are happy to help you determine the appropriate spray foam insulation material that’s right for your project. Determine your application, exposure to water and vapor, and the R-value of each material before you start and ensure your opting for the most cost-effective spray foam for your job.

We work with amazing manufacturers

Rhino Linings

The Rhino Linings® network consists of more than 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world. With top-performing polymer formulations, Rhino Linings will continue to set the standard in the protective coatings and building product industries.

Wasser Advanced Coatings Technology

For over 20 years The Wasser Corporation has established itself as an industry leader in advanced coatings technology with innovative products that provide superior protection to such iconic American structures as the Manhattan Bridge in New York, the Safeco Field in Seattle and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Green Insulation Technologies

Green Insulation manufactures a spray foam insulation that uses the maximum amount of renewable/sustainable content whose performance is equal to or superior to petroleum based foam insulation.


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What Are The Different Spray Foam Guns And Their Utilities?

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation, or PMC, is considered to be the topmost trusted manufacturer that has the highest quality parts and equipment. This has also helped in creating solutions saving the time of the contractor. A larger or bigger area can safely be sprayed with the gun moving to several parts like walls, corners, ceilings, and scaffoldings. Some of the characteristics are mentioned below as well what makes them meet expectations.

AP-EX spray gun

This is one of the primary spray foam guns which allow extending the reach of more than ten feet within any given area. They have been designed in a manner that sprays can be done small and large spaces amidst the tallest buildings. These also have greater usability for spraying various kinds of coatings and foam. Throughout the stages of testing, it has been found that this gun type reduces coating of the spray time or insulation jobs by thirty percent or more. Hence the contractor is allowed to complete insulation jobs in no time with the help of the spray foam guns.

AP-3 guns

These AP-3 spray foam guns are the most popular guns available in the market and have been designed for delivering ultimate spray application performances. They are ergonomically designed for the fitting that is firm and ultralight. Within trigger and air cylinders, the air ports and short stroked triggers permit powerful and rapid response that ensures full spray pattern with individual shots.

Top quality application

The foam guns change the PCT quickly and provide any mechanic that sprays with a choice for the spray’s changing tip. It can also be sized without having the gun spray disassembled thus allowing a lot of time which can be spent to perfect spraying and skills. They possess consistency and the profiles are aesthetically pleasing, resulting in topmost quality applications.

Exceed requirements

These guns have proven their worth in the field of military and marine applications. After product testing, the guns met and exceeded requirements related to the chemical manufacture and physical properties. There is a check valve that is present for separating a fluid portion from the driver side.

Time-saving and lightening the workload

These guns help at reaching lengths that is twice the length you may have achieved all this while. Besides has also potentially saved a lot of time. Since the greater length areas can be easily reached, this has led to the significant workload reduction.

The Importance Of The Spray Foam Guns

Most of the commercial spray guns that deal with commercial polyurethane foam use the technology of impingement mixing. It is used for mixing chemicals in the inside of the gun. Impingement-mixing has got to do with two materials A-side and B-side were mixed together using the forces of high pressure inside small chambers inside the spray gun. The injection and pouring applications can thus incorporate various mixing technologies with the help of dynamic and static mix. Many professional foams and DIY kits use the mixing technology that is static and low-pressure. However, the following paragraphs shed some light on spraying.

No purging happens

It is vital to understand that once the materials have come inside the gun together. They begin reacting immediately as they exit and mix spray gun. If all of the reacted materials do not get expelled from the gun after the release of the trigger, the material can harden and set-up inside thus rendering the whole thing non-usable. However, the function of design within spray foam guns assures that purging does not happen.

Impingement mixing

Most of the people think that metering pumps and machines create a considerable amount of pressure in the spray foam guns, the pumps help in creating material flow. Pressure is easily created that causes resistance to flow. It is more like using a garden hose for watering the plants. The thumb is put over the front of hose for increasing pressure in making water continue spraying further. The thumb of yours simply resists, restricts the flow of water hence creating a lot of pressure.

A better pattern of spray

The above principle of a spray hose is what is applicable to spray guns as well. The gun is the thumb of yours essentially that creates resistance to flow from machines, in the process to create the pressure of impingement for B-side and A-side materials for mixing together. The gun uses the components that are additionally making the pattern of spray far better and increasingly consistent that what the thumb does.

Three basic operations

The three basic purge operational systems include solvent purge, air purge, and the mechanical purge. However, maintenance is a must in the form of lubrication of the parts of the gun and cleaning parts, as well as replacing o-rings. Just like foam hoses for spray are available with variable lengths, there is a variable flow cap for the fusion guns too. This helps to adjust the output of the gun without changing the mixing chambers. This product is also time and hassle saving.

The Scope of Automated Spray Foam Machine

As the pioneers in the development of the automated equipment for the applications of spray, SprayWorks Equipment offers technology that is cutting-edge for in-plant and on-site operations. They have been designed for applying wide ranges of membranes that are spray applied. Due to the usage of this, the profile cross section achieved is precise and is available with the accurate millage. These signified tolerances are often achieved lending to materials that get installed in films that are cured and the desired model is replicated during every use.

An alternative that saves money

Automation helps in minimizing the fatigue associated with employees. Permitting two-man teams in easily operating an automated spray foam machine. Using an automated spray bot like this controls accurate millage each time. It also helps in saving ten percent more in the yield, which turns out to be an alternative that is money-saving.

Here are some of the benefits

The bidding becomes accurate with the use of an automated spray foam machine. This is because material savings happen due to the installation of an accurate kind of thicknesses. It increases the yield by more than ten percent as well.

  • There is not a vast history of experience that is required for operating this equipment or having a good looking roof installed along with accurate thickness associated with materials. The advantages of using this are so much so that they are easily acceptable to specifier, consultant, and building owner.
  • Undoubtedly, time and again the machines have easily outperformed humans both in quantity and quality a considerable part of the time.
  • Contractors have even reported the saving of substantial money amounts on the first project of theirs and are also able to make payments for equipment within just a couple jobs.

The role in roofing

The spray boats are lightweight and weigh somewhere around three hundred forty pounds. It is easier to use because the head of the spray can be removed easily for easy transportation on to the roofs that are commercial-sized.

The on-site uses of build bridges

The spray boats that are automated have been utilized on the largest projects of the ridge throughout this country. It includes a few popular things like the Nashville Fast Fix 8 project – which was a multi-bridge project requiring completion in a very short period of time. This is because the application time is cut down and the crew members are minimized, especially those required for project’s coating portion.


Contractors are quite able to use products made out of polyurea on many substrates. These include membranes, flooring, and parking decks.

What Makes the Makers of Automated Spray Foam Machine Pioneer Leaders?

Coatings and spraying foam are typically operations that are hand-held and involve a spray applicator. This applicator needs a person at the gun, machine operators, hose person along with a machine operator. However, several companies out there have widely started implementing the use of robotic spray application.

The equipment ranges from as low as twelve thousand dollars and can easily go up to thirty-five thousand dollars or more. It is all dependent on the model and supplier. These robots have traditionally been used predominantly for the applications of roofing. However, one can find them in use with the elastomeric coatings as well as polyurea systems in the flooring, horizontal large surface applications as well.

The advantages

With this automated spray foam machine, you can expect to have consistent applications of the materials. They offer easy dial-in relating to desired thickness and also have the ability to slop surfaces consistently.

  • The automated spray foam machine minimizes, over spraying because of the wind skirts that are optional. There is a significant increase in the productivity in the terms of output of materials, labor requirements and material yield. There is operator fatigue that is reduced as well and passes of wider application as far a seven feet wide.
  • Contractors have reported saving loads of money on first-time projects, thus are even able to pay for equipment within just a couple jobs.

Mimicking flare technique

Some robots are quite smaller and have been designed in a manner that they can move in front of workers, requiring only a two man working crew. Most have abilities in adjusting the distance between substrate and gun, set pass width, travel speed and also the speed of the vehicle. Many also possess capabilities of mimicking flare techniques at both ends. This leads to great tie-in passes that are overlapping besides spray action that is continuous.

Manhole creating and industrial pipe robots

For lining the manholes and pipes, with a lot of polyurea as well as many other elastomeric coatings meant for abrasion, protective and structural properties. Resistance towards intrusion of groundwater is also developing rapidly towards markets for material applications and plural-component equipment.

World recognized leaders

These companies that offer the automated equipment are recognized leaders on innovative systems of roofing. They offer the best-of-class solutions associated with insulation and waterproofing. These are all meant for a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial applications.

Features of Box Truck Rigs

In the business of spray foam, SprayWorks Equipment provides the most top-notch box trucks of the highest quality. These rigs get constructed under the supervision of the strictest guidelines for the distribution of load that can be used readily. These rigs are solid construction and provide a no-worry structure of support for the housing of equipment and spray materials is valuable. They are engineered for accommodating more than one set of tools, proportions, one compressor, one generator and two to three sets of the tools. There is ample headroom comprising of interior height, easiest in maneuvering. The weight load is dependent on the selected size of the truck.

Designed for high efficiency

The box truck rigs simply perform better because they have been designed better. They are well insulated for the consistency of ambient temperature, spray rigs keep the resin materials and ISO at a temperature that is optimum all round the year. The spray temperatures are quite easily achieved during the cold weather and they prevent from getting overheated. They have reduced levels of noise even added trailer integrity that is structural. It has maintained control over material reactions and also improved the overall yield.

A great build

These truck rigs are built with cabinets and tool boxes that make an easy work area and makes for easy cleanup with a storage area for tools. They also keep it secured enough so that nothing gets dislocated when in motion.

A closed spray foam cell has to be applied on the frame from the bottom to the top. Chrome and light have been put up in the interiors so that there is more visibility. There has been ventilation on the rooftop, electrical outlets, workstation, hydraulic machines and machines that are air-driven which ensure smooth and swift processing.

Pumps for storage

For avoiding moisture in containment, air regulator and air-dryer and oil separator are installed. There are no stones unturned for keeping the values safe like the box truck rigs. Also, there are no pumps of storage that are placed for protecting barrel pumps during the transfers and also protecting pumps when not used.

The various models

The trucks offer cruise control, AM/FM radio, tilt wheel, millage, power steering, automatic transmission, international engine, cruise control, and many other features. If you are seeking a diesel engine truck then these ones have van body made of aluminum with amenities tuck under the lift gate.

The Components and Everything Associated with Box Truck Rigs

The heavy-duty box trucks are constructed with the strictest guidelines and proper distribution of load. These trucks can be used readily. Each truck has been calculated to the material locations, tongue weight, axle strength, and machinery of spray foam for the transportation safety and proper balance. These foam rigs have been engineered and designed to perform in any kind of climatic zone. This also includes dry heat to freezing cold. Irrespective of the weather, they shall work fine.

The building of the box truck rig

Closed spray foam cell gets installed from bottom to top of a truck on the interior. Chrome, white or lightening interior is the maximum for visibility. Some of the features of box truck rigs include hydraulic machine, electrical outlets, the area of the workstation, rooftop ventilation to ensure constant and smooth processing. The equipment can be expected to outlast any kind of ingenuity if maintained properly. It is inclusive of transfer pumps, systems of spray foam, drum heaters and sprays PMC guns.

Truck is equipped

Each of the box truck rigs is well equipped with cabinets and toolboxes allowing you one to keep the valuable tools in the storage. The barrel racks usually are mounted for helping with securing of products and the foam materials during transit happening from one job to another.

The components

There are hose hangers that are hinged that allow for quick set up of the jobs and wrap-ups end of the day. The system of the oil separator, moisture trap, air regulator and air-dryers are installed for helping in eliminating the containment of unwanted moisture. The tubes of storage pump are installed for protecting the barrel pumps that are there in the transit and help in the protection of pumps when not in use. Safety equipment, equipment of personal protection and the supplies are also included for ensuring OSHA compliance.

Other components

The other components associated with box truck rigs are hose door, door for side access and ramp door that help in accessing foam rig’s various parts. It is resistant from industrial moisture, has fluid lines of 1500 psi and air lines of 200 psi. They help in preventing material waste. Other accessories of spray foam include plump lube, gun cleaner, spare parts, and drum dolly.

Trained by certified experts

Some of the companies help train individuals to use the spray foam and equipment associated with it multiple environments. When one leaves for the training, they can also be confident in starting with other priority projects.

The AP-2 Spray Gun Operation and Usability

SprayWorks Equipment offers a full line of PMC and Graco spray guns that include AP-EX, AP-3, AP-2, and AP-1 besides the Fusion spray guns. The technology of PMC revolutionized the industry of plural component in the design of AP-2 spray gun with a combination of the rapid response of trigger, superior atomization and quick spray change pattern size to the output combination. This also results in longer times of spray. If you are looking for the most efficient and cheapest guns then the PMC ones are the ones to root for. These spray guns have innovative technology offered as well as great performance. Just like the PMC guns of spray, fusion gun spray is the component plural system.

Extended gun pole offered

Any spray foam equipment like PMC offers an extended gun pole that has been designed keeping AP-EX at the core that allows in making the applicators reach more than ten feet, minimizing the over spraying while also reducing the time of spray by almost more than thirty percent.

AP-2 is meant for ultimate performance of application spray

This spray foam equipment’s one has been designed ergonomically for firm fitting that is ultra-light. Within the air cylinders and trigger, the air ports that are straightforward besides the short trigger strokes allow a rapidly powerful response ensuring the full pattern of spray with each shot. PMC’s two-piece of mixing combination chambers as well as PCT is all precision-drilled for uniformly and uniquely blending the mix of the product, creating superior quality atomization that maintains the full spray pattern.

Application of top quality

The provision of having the PCT changed quickly, provides spray mechanic the choice for changing spray tip and also the size without the disassembly of spray gun that allows more time spent for perfecting the skills and spraying consistency. It creates profiles that are aesthetically pleasing thus resulting in top-notch quality applications.

Used for product testing

This AP-2 gun spray is used for testing in the marine and military applications. It is utilized specifically so that products exceed and meet chemical manufactures and expected requirements of the physical property. Check valve flow back separates dry side from the fluid portion in the gun thus eliminating cross-contamination of the material.

Fast change-out

This cross-contamination is well prevented in the air cylinder’s air passage along with the assembly of trigger handle. The mixing ball of the chamber and the socket connection makes for faster change-out and eliminates assemblies that are screw-type.