Different Types of Spray Foam Hoses Available

For the application of polyurea and chemical systems, polyurethane foam chemical systems and certain two-component epoxy systems, PMC Heated Hoses are carefully built and attentively designed. In order that the PMC hoses fit multiple maximum hose lengths, the PMC hoses are designed with a transformer.

100% of the circumferential is covered with a braided tinned-copper jacket to produce the most consistent variation of heat that is available. The heating element of the Spray Foam Hoses is extremely resistant to low energy and malfunction.

The range of hoses generally varies from 2000 psi up to 3500 psi which is high pressure in nature. To produce 410 feet, the lengths range from 10 feet to 50 feet which are linked together.

Here below are the different form of Spray Foam Hoses and coating Hoses that are available. Look through to know which one best suits your requirement.

  • MA-00040A Heated/Whips 3500psi – ¼ inches x 10 inches Non-TC Hose, these are universal LP/HP Gun Whips.
  • MA-00039A-TC Heated/3500psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches TC Hose which is High Pressure Heated Hose w/TC.
  • MA-00039A Heated/3500psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches Non-TC Hose which is a High-pressure heated hose.
  • MA-00035A Transfer Pump Air Harness
  • MA-00026-A Fluid Hose/ISO – ¾ inches x 10 inches Hose which is ISO supply hose from transfer pump to a machine.
  • MA-00026 Fluid Hose/Poly – ¾ inches x 10 inches Hose which is POLY supply hose from transfer pump to a machine.
  • MA-00014A-TC Heated/2000psi – 3/8 inches x 50 inches TC Hose which is Low pressure (2000psi) heated hose with control TC wire.
  • MA-00014A Heated/2000 psi – 3/8″ x 50′ Non-TC Hose which is Low-pressure heated hose.

In order that you properly apply spray foam and polyurea coatings to any surface, Spray Foam Hoses are needed to be transporting the chemicals to the job site and maintain the required and right application temperature.

The best selection of high-pressure heated hoses and whip hoses will feature a braided design to stand up to the damages and regular wear and tear of daily use. They are also compatible with PMC-USA/Polymac guns.

A copper weave element of a heated hose with thermocouple wire will provide complete hose coverage that will maintain the chemical’s heat in route to the gun. This will still allow the heated hose to bend as needed. Carefully check for the type of Spray Foam Hoses you need, and contact a good manufacturer who will address your requirements with quality hoses.

All You Need To Know About Spray Foam Rigs

You would very well know whether you need to buy or build a spray foam rig and after you have determined this, you have to learn to increase your investment. Here are a few things you need to know about spray foam rigs. Carefully read through to get an idea of what are the factors that are to be considered.

  • The first thing for you to consider is what is it exactly that you would be spraying.
  • Your next step is to get a spray foam rig made from quality spray foam insulation.
  • Consider the different types of rigs available to you. The series include; portable rigs, economy rigs, high production rigs, SMART rigs, custom rigs and box trucks.
  • Determine the type of rig you would require. Each rig is best suited for different type of business. For example, custom rigs are best suited for large size businesses whereas box trucks are suitable for small to medium-size businesses.
  • Rigs can be prepared as a turnkey solution which means they can be tailor-made to fit a fifth wheel, standard trailer, hitch or a box truck.
  • Rigs are built under strict guidelines and are made to perform at a high level. In short, they are engineered in a manner that suits the customer and his requirements.
  • To maximize profits, some rigs are spaciously designed that can endure high-end production.
  • High-end technology is used to ensure that these rigs are well made.
  • Most spray rigs are sprayed from the top to the bottom with closed cell foam. This, in turn, insulates the turnkey investment.
  • Spray foam rigs should have just the right number of frame and axles that can safely handle the load, especially while traveling through rough terrains.
  • Most of the times, safety precautions are taken into consideration to protect oneself. A fire extinguisher and first aid kit are basics that are required.

When it comes to buying or building a spray foam rig it is important that you know it is a big investment. You need to chart out your options and carefully plan. You also need to think about another major aspect which is ‘optimizing your investment’. This can be done by ensuring that your trailer is designed in such a manner that it meets your needs now and in the future as well. It is important that you consider this as your business grows.

Qualities of a Trusted Spray Foam Equipment Manufacturing Company

The trends in the spray foam business keep changing, and you need a company that understands this and caters to your requirements. When we talk about spray foam, quality plays a major role. Which is why a trusted company is someone you should be dealing with. The quality of service and products matters and therefore take your time to evaluate the best of companies that manufacture spray foam equipment.

Here are a few qualities for you to consider which will help you determine whether or not the manufacturer you are dealing with is worth your time or not.

  1. Trustworthy and reliable: the manufacturer should be trusted on the basis of timely delivery. Another factor that is important is the quality of the product he is offering. It is vital for you as your customers would not appreciate delayed deliveries or a bad quality product, and therefore to ensure your service reaches them on time with assured quality standards you need to be dealing with a trusted manufacturer.
  2. Quality of service: Look for a manufacturer who provides you with top-notch quality service. Timely delivery is one factor that determines the efficiency of a company that you are working with. Make sure they do not delay in providing you with your requirements.
  3. Quality of products: If it one thing that matters it is that you should get the desired quality for the products you are seeking. Quality as they say, ‘Comes First’, so do not settle for anything less than the best you can get.
  4. Product type: The product you get should possess qualities of being not just durable but even rugged. It is an important aspect as a rugged product can survive the most difficult circumstances and yet stand strong. Durability, on the other hand, is always the most preferred choice for every customer, the longer the product lasts, the better it is.
  5. Affordability: Last but not the least, price plays another major role in purchasing Spray Foam Equipment from your respective manufacturer. The cheaper the price, the more likely are you to put your money into purchasing the product. But, always remember, even though the price is low it is vital that the quality should be of decent standards. Don’t just settle for any product due to its low price, make sure you inspect the features well.