Types of spray foam guns and its features

If you are in the business of providing spray foam insulation, you may know how important it is to have a good, technologically innovative and great performance spray gun. There are various types of Spray Foam Guns available, to name a few- AP-1, AP-2, AP-EX, and Fusion spray guns.

  • The AP-2 spray gun is widely recognized as it combines rapid trigger response, superior automation, quick change spray pattern size to output combination. This results in longer spray times.
  • There are Polyurethane Machinery Corporation also known as PMC spray guns which are the cheapest and also the most efficient guns in the market.
  • The PMC spray gun offers an extended pole gun. It is designed with the AP-2 as its central part which allows the applicator to reach more than 10 feet, minimizes overspray, and reduces spray time by more than 30%.
  • The AP-1 spray guns provide the operator with easy to control and maintain spray guns that can be used in varied applications. The air purge guns provide easy output changes by first removing and then replacing the appropriate size.
  • The guns provide the applicator the ability to allow the gun connected to the hose set by pumping a little bit of grease in the mixing area. Some of the main features of the gun include it being a revolutionary 360-degree rotational head that allows hoses to be connected from the top to the bottom of the gun. The Quick change mixing chamber ensures for removal from the front of the gun without the different air connection locations to be disassembled.
  • Another type of gun which is the PMC Star Gun provides the applicator with a spray gun that reduces the operator’s fatigue and also facilitates control of the application.
  • An ergonomic gun handle has also been developed which is placed at the center of balance to ensure the balance is equalized and provides that extra stability during the application.
  • Every model has a toolkit with the required tools for right adjustment and maintenance of the gun.Some of the mechanical purge guns features include- greater mixing, while the mechanical cleaning ensures holistic removal of reacted material inside the mixing chamber. There’s also a spray pattern adjustment that allows changing the mixing chamber and a powerful air cylinder to facilitate quick and rapid valving.

Spray Foam Guns come in all different variants. Choose the right one that suits your requirement.

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