Why Contractors are Interested in Turn-Key Spray Foam Rigs

Turn-key spray foam rigs are rigs that are ready to pick up and move on the job site for immediate use – as opposed to rigs that require additional setup in order to get them running. Various projects require different insulation needs, and it’s only normal for contractors to select the most efficient equipment when working.

Here, we will take you through the key reasons why contractors often prefer turn-key spray foam rigs to other insulation rigs. Besides the fact that turn-key serves a variety of purposes, it also comes with the needed use and training resources.

3 Vital Reasons Why Contractors Prefer Turn-Key Spray Foam Rigs

Rig experts agree that choosing rigs and mobile trailers which match your project is imperative. Without the right spray foam rigs for your business, you might end up embarking on tasks that you’d have to repeat in a few years.

Apart from selecting the right rig for your project and considering the materials you will be working with, you should identify whether you need a high pressure or low pressure machine. Chemicals used in coatings and waterproofing, require more pressure than open cell spray foam projects that are small. Many spray foam projects can operate with lower pressure, except when you get into spraying closed cell foam or roof foam.

Turn-key spray foam rigs are custom-made to fit diverse project needs and provide safety so that you have everything you need to complete your project. Let’s take you through the benefits of the turn-key rigs.

1. Project Needs Vary and Turn-Key Rigs come in a Variety of Setups

No two projects are the same. In this industry, you can only identify the best rigs for your business needs if you know what your project requires. Are you working on bridges, roads, or commercial roofs? You need custom rigs that can fit your growing needs and can be used by a few or many workers.

Flexibility in work is important and with the right rigs built for your business, you can enjoy maximum output and efficiency.

2. Turn-Key Offers a Custom Solution

Spray foam rigs which are turn-key come ready to use on your designated projects. Whether you focus on commercial locations or residential projects, these rigs are perfect for your business needs.

From working on the interior of a building to coating the exterior, turn-key spray foam rigs are more durable and efficient than conventional insulation machines alone.

With this equipment, you don’t have to worry about building different spray foam rigs for different projects – your rig can be designed to fulfill all of your project needs.

3. Turn-key Spray Foam Rigs are Ready to Use and Training-Inclusive

Another interesting reason why spray foam mechanics prefer turn-key spray foam rigs is that they are ready to use. Usually, the ease of use and required knowledge for insulation rigs are two key aspects that most insulation equipment omit.

However, with the diverse and all-in-one spray foam rigs, you get the needed guidance on how to use them with free rig training from SprayWorks. Additionally, since safety is a necessity, the knowledge you receive equips you to manage the machines for optimal results and SprayWorks offers ongoing phone support 24/7.

Unlike traditional rigs which require you to do further work on your rig, turn-key rigs leave you feeling like the professional yourself.

The Bottom Line

Do you need to obtain turn-key spray foam rigs to improve your business efficiency? At SprayWorks, our expert engineers build insulation rigs which take project needs and materials into consideration when planning your build. We have spray foam rigs for sale and we ensure our clients are always satisfied.

Request a turn-key quote today to match the right custom turn-key rig for your business needs.

Dave Penta is the VP of Sales at SprayWorks Equipment Group. For the past 30+ years, Dave has worked with multiple industries including; commercial and residential buildings, along with spray foam and coatings systems.