Why you Need a Team That is Properly Trained

Benefits of a Properly Trained Team

The use of properly trained and competent applicators can significantly reduce downtime and maintenance/material costs on a job. Reductions such as these have been reported to us by contractors whose applicators have attended the SprayWorks applicator training programs. Even though their applicators attending the foam school were “non-productive” for a few days, these contractors felt the lost time was more than recovered through the increased efficiencies developed in the training program.

Team Training
  1. Reduces Downtime – if you have knowledgeable staff, this reduces the risk of newbie mistakes such as;
    • Forgetting parts/equipment at the office then calling the boss to drop things off
    • Poor spray techniques required a teardown and respray
    • Running out of material and thinking it’s a good idea for supplementing material with water…yes, it happens! And this is a costly mistake that can destroy expensive equipment.
  2. Prevents Equipment Mishaps – Equipment requires training. Spray Foam can be very profitable if you understand how to properly operate the equipment and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. It’s not something you can learn in one training session, but the training will definitely give you the foundation to understand proper operation and basic troubleshooting. More advanced troubleshooting may require a phone call to your supplier or simply years of experience. Read our Tips from the Experts or watch our Fix-It Friday videos for more advanced troubleshooting.
  3. Decreases Overall Project and Material Cost – It’s simple. Less expense on parts, materials, repairs = less money spent. Having a crew that understands how to be efficient and properly use equipment can be a make or break situation. You can’t go back to a building owner and say, “well, my guy didn’t know what he was doing so I’m adding extra expenses to your bill.” They probably won’t be interested in your services again. Remember, approximately 20% of business comes from referrals. They are a valuable commodity.
  4. Decreases Total Time Spent on Projects – Time adds up quickly and when a crew member is spending five extra minutes here and 20 extra minutes there, it adds up. A crew member that understands how to complete the job and understands the equipment, comes to work more confident and finishes the job with more efficiency. Let’s say, a crew of 10 waits around while one guy spends two hours trying to figure out why a spray gun is not spraying properly – that’s 20 hours in lost revenue. Can you afford to pay a crew to sit around for that time?
  5. Decreases Workplace Injuries and OSHA Infractions – Workplace injuries are a serious issue. There is nothing more important than a worker’s safety. We always recommend starting the day with a safety meeting, so the crew is aware of any potential hazards, expectations, or additional PPE required. Especially when working with heavy equipment or on job-sites with fall hazards, having a clear plan in place is imperative. Training employees to understand workplace hazards and how to handle them is the first step in preventing injuries.

About SprayWorks Equipment’s Foam School

The Spray Foam School and Coatings School programs are held pre-scheduled or reservation basis at our facility located in Canton, Ohio. Our facility simulates a real work environment with a complete setup you would see on a jobsite. We also have trainers available to come to your jobsite and train your team on-site.

SprayWorks’ certified Technical Representatives instruct the course, which runs 1 to 3 days depending on experience level and course choices. Classes typically consist of six or less people. We’ve come to realize, with decades of training experience, we find more success in our students with smaller class sizes than with larger ones.

The subject matter in our school includes:

  • Comprehensive training on equipment operation and maintenance
  • A non-technical, but pertinent explanation of the chemicals and chemical reactions involved in the formation of foam
  • Proper spray techniques with hands on spraying of your chosen material
  • Detailed discussion of and actual practice in proper trouble-shooting procedures
  • Comprehensive written test at the conclusion of instruction to increase awareness and understanding

Contractors who work on union jobs may be interested to know that some trade unions are developing apprentice programs of their own to give training on our equipment and in foam application, and we have also had some of their members attend our course. This should help to provide you with capable operators to work your equipment on jobs that require union personnel.

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John Davidson is the VP of Operations at SprayWorks Equipment Group and is an SPFA PCP Certified Roofing and Insulation Installer, Roofing and Insulation Project Manager, and Supplier Rep. With over 30 years of experience in the spray foam and polyurea industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. He has worked on commercial and residential buildings, bridges and infrastructure.

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