Heavy Duty Spray Foam Box Trucks for Sale

Ready to Use Foam Box Trucks with a Sturdy Design

Constructed with strict guidelines and proper load distribution, our spray foam box trucks are ready-to-use. Each truck is calculated to their axel strength, tongue weight, location of materials and spray foam machinery for proper balance and transportation safety.

SprayWorks mobile spray foam rigs are designed and engineered to perform in any climate zone. This includes extreme North American weather such as Canada's freezing cold, Florida's humidity, Nevada's dry heat, and even down to Texas's temperatures over 120 degrees. Our foam rig equipment is designed to work in any weather.

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Standard Features of Our Mobile Trailers and Spray Foam Box Trucks

Every SprayWorks box truck has closed-cell spray foam installed from top to bottom. Each truck is equipped with lighting and a white or chrome interior to ensure maximum visibility.

Additional features of our spray foam trucks include:

  • Rooftop ventilation
  • Workstation area
  • Electrical outlets
  • A hydraulic machine ensuring smooth and constant processing

In all of our spray foam trucks, we include spray foam equipment that is expected to outlast ingenuity when properly maintained. Equipment we use is as follows:

Each spray foam truck comes equipped with tool boxes and cabinets to keep all of your valuable tools in storage. Barrel racks are mounted to help with securing your products and foam materials during transit from one job to the next.

Hinged hose hangers allow quick job setups and end of day wrap-ups. The air dryer and air regulator, moisture trap and an oil separator system are all installed to help eliminate unwanted moisture containment. Storage pump tubes are installed to protect barrel pumps in transit and protect the pumps when not in use.

Personal protection equipment (PPE), safety equipment and supplies are included to ensure compliance with OSHA. Also, a ramp door, side access door, and hose door all grant easy and secure access to different parts of the foam rig while in use. Industrial moisture resistant 1,500 psi fluid lines and industrial 200 psi air lines help to prevent material waste.

Additional spray foam accessories include:

Spray Foam box Truck Training and Support

Training and ongoing support is a critical part of your operation. With SprayWorks, you will be trained by our certified training experts who can share tricks of the trade and teach you how to properly use the equipment and spray foam in different environments.

Training sessions include eight hours of hands-on learning in a real-world simulation classroom. When you leave training, you will be confident ready to start accepting projects. Additionally, our team is available for continued support.

Spray foam Trucks for Sale Through SprayWorks

Searching for a reliable and fully equipped spray foam truck? Look no further. At SprayWorks, we have a number of spray foam trucks for sale, all ready for you to use.

Heavy Duty Box Trucks_Used+2006+Isuzu

2006 GMC 4500 GVW 14,000 GVW Diesel Engine

2006 GMC 4500 GVW 14,000 GVW Diesel Engine

  • 16' aluminum van body
  • Tuck under lift gate
  • Automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • CD Player
  • Tilt wheel
  • 100,000 miles
  • Power Windows
  • Power door locks
Heavy Duty Box Trucks_Truck_4300

2006-2007 International 4300

2006-2007 International 4300

  • Engine International DT466
  • Transmission Allison Automatic
  • GVW 25,500
  • Air conditioning
  • Color white
  • Power steering
  • Cruise control
  • Tilt wheel
  • AM/FM radio
  • Millage 140-145K

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